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Fling. Grab. Drop. Repeat.

I went to the store and brought home a new toy.  006 (2)Well, actually, mom brought it home for me.  But just the same, it is for me, it is new, and I get to play with it.

Or so I thought.

You see, mom showed me this new blue round thing, and before I could take it from her she flung it onto the lawn!  Of course, I chased it grabbed it and started to trot off to find a shady spot where I could chew this new toy into little pieces.

But before I got very far, mom came over and tried to grab it from me!  008 (2)We had quite a tussle … I would shake my head and try to pull it away, she would shake her arm and try to pull it away, I would say “Grrr” and not let go, and she would say “Drop it, Bailey!  Give!”

I was a good dog.

I dropped it.  I gave her my new toy.

And then we did it all over again!

  1. Fling
  2. Grab
  3. Tussle
  4. Give
  5. Repeat

What a fun day!


A Hot Dog is not a Warm Puppy

Have you noticed, gentle humans? Late Summer 020The weather has been unusually hot, hasn’t it.  Every day the pretty weather lady says that we are experiencing new record high temperatures for January.

I’m not sure about global warming, especially when I read about the frigid conditions in other parts of the country.  But I sure do believe in California Warming.

I have been hot, and I am a dog.  I guess that you could call me a Hot Dog!

Ha ha ha … that was a doggie funny.  7-20-13 017Because – although I am hot, and I am a dog – I am NOT a hot dog.  A hot dog is what you gentle humans eat on warm summer days.  Or maybe warm January days, too?

I don’t understand why you call them Hot Dogs.  I mean, they don’t look like puppies at all.  And besides, who would want to eat a clever, adorable canine?  I don’t understand at all.

However, I do understand this:  Disney Cruise 003Driving a hot dog!  YES … that is what I would like to do!  Mom and dad saw this giant hot dog on a recent trip to Los Angelas and showed it to me when they got back.

I would love to drive this hot dog.  Wouldn’t it be fun? Wouldn’t it be so cool?  I mean, so HOT! I could drive to Melanie’s school to pick her up after classes, and all the kids would come running out to see me, and I would bark out the window,

“ARF!  I am one really HOT Dog!”

Yes, that is what I think I will do.  I will have to talk to dad about buying me one of these hot dogs. Yessiree dog!

The “D-Word”

Dear gentle humans, have you said the “D-word” recently?  1-23 018Well, have you?

No, not THAT D-word!! Not the DOGGIE word!  I mean the other D-word.

I mean “Drought.”

Yes, our fine State has been declared to be in a drought state, and dad and I decided to take a hike to see how bad it was.  In this picture we are on the trail to the lake, and you can see the trail that we still have to climb on the hills behind me.  (See it?  That thin line on the hill above my head?  That’s where we are heading.)

Right away, as we started, 1-23 016we could tell that we were experiencing a drought.  Just look at the grasses … so brown and dry.  Normally, at this time of year, they would be lush and green.  Normally, at this time of year, we couldn’t even make this hike because the trails would be closed due to mud.

But this year, in the middle of January, we had beautiful, warm, sunny days.  The sky was a gorgeous deep blue.  The temperature was in the mid-70s.  There wasn’t a rain cloud in sight.

And that was the problem.  It hasn’t rained in months! Oh, maybe a sprinkle or two, but a real good “raining purry-things-and-dogs” downpour?  Nope – not in my recent memory!

The lack of rain really showed when we got to the lake.  Here are two photos, comparing the lake level from last summer compared to last weekend.  Look at the difference!

Low LakeAnd this is supposed to be the wet season!  The lake is supposed to be full! Yessiree dog, we are definitely experiencing a drought!

026 Walk 1-11-13It was sad to see the water level so low, so very low.  I wonder what would happen if it dried up all together? Would all the trees and grasses die?  Would the birds fly away?  Would the squirrels leave?

So be sure to save the water, gentle humans.  There isn’t much of it there.  And we need the water.  We need it for cooking, and washing, and – most important of all – drinking!  Especially for a very thirsty puppy after a very long and hot hike.


Long Hair is Great for Dogs, but …

017 Follow-up 1-11-13Dad’s got a problem … a hairy problem. You see, his barber has retired.  Ray-the-Barber had been cutting hair in the same location in San Martin for 329 dog-years, and finally decided to retire!  Yup, on December 24 he cut his last head of hair.

004So now, what is dad to do for a haircut? He hasn’t gotten a haircut or a trim since Christmas Eve, and he is starting to show the effects of that negligence.  His hair is starting to get a little long.

Not as long as mine, of course.  His hair isn’t that long, yet.  And even if it was, he wouldn’t look as good as I do with long hair.

Pin0002For example, look at this photo that was taken a year BEFORE mom and dad got married.  I know, the resolution of this old photograph is not very good (I’m surprised that cameras were even invented way back then!) but you can see that he has quite a shaggy mop on the top of his head.  I have a fear that, without a barber, dad may look like that again.

I mean, he won’t look that YOUNG again, but his hair will look like something from the early 70s.  Maybe like a hippie??!! I don’t know if I could put up with that!

And what happens if — after a little while — 003he still hasn’t gotten it cut?  I have glimpsed the future, and it doesn’t look pretty.  Dad may become a reclusive, long-haired mysterious old hermit.  One who goes around spouting nonsensical gibberish.  One who goes back Into the Woods.

That would really creep me out.  I think that is a future that must be avoided at all costs.

We MUST prevent this future from happening!  We must keep dad from letting his hair grow so long!

So, please help me in this campaign!  SAVE the DAD!  Let’s find him a barber! Do you have any suggestions?  I’ve already gotten a couple of recommendations. One is for a barber in someplace called Seville — I think that would be a little too far to go.  Another is for some chap named Sweeney Todd (I’ve also heard that’s a great guy for a puppy to know — he’s got tasty treats for us dogs to eat).  

Let’s find dad a barber.  Otherwise, I may have to try cutting his hair myself!  I’m sure that I can manage that electric hair trimmer …. the one that mom got for the horses!


I told you a few months ago about the newest gentle human in my life.  Little Hamilton just turned 3 in puppy-years.  1-13-14 013Of course, he is not yet that old in human years, but I can’t help that, now, can I?

He came over for a visit a few days ago, and I thought that he was very happy to see me.  Mom held him and he saw me and smiled, and giggled, and reached out to touch me.

He is into touching a lot of things recently.  He likes to touch things, and grab for them, and pick them up, and put them in his mouth.

(I was going to give him some of my puppy toys to play with, but mom and dad wouldn’t let me. )

Anyway, on this particular day, 1-13-14 012I decided that I would get a a little closer to him.  After all, he was being SOOOO friendly, and SOOOO happy, and SOOOO giggly.  SOOOO, I got closer …

… and closer …

… and even closer …

I got SOOOO close that I was practically touching him snout-to-nose.

OK, maybe I got a little TOOOO close!  1-13-14 011Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to get TOOOO friendly.  Maybe I should have kept my tongue in my mouth.

I don’t think that Hamilton was quite ready to get so up close and pup-sonal with a clever and friendly puppy.  He wasn’t smiling anymore.  He wasn’t giggling anymore.

It took him a little time to get over this close encounter, but after a while he was laughing again.  He is growing fast, and soon will be crawling, then walking, and then running!

And then we can go outside and play together on the lawn and have a grand time.  Oh, that will be SOOOO much fun!

Seeing See’s

Mom and dad have this thing about something called chocolate.  They particularly like a kind called See’s.  That is also the place where Colleen works.  So it must be a very good place.  And they must have some delicious chocolate.

I would like to try some chocolate.  Bone 1I have begged mom and dad to let me taste some, but they have refused.

They keep telling me that it is not good for puppies to eat.

But how can that be true?  If it is all right for gentle humans, then it must be all right for dogs, too?

I think that they are just trying to keep me from savoring one of the better things in life.  And that doesn’t seem fair.

So I decided to take things into my own hands … or paws, if you like.  photo (18)Actually, my own mouth!  I found that they left a box of See’s Victorian Toffee on the coffee table, and I very cautiously, very quietly, went over and picked it up!

I wanted to see what all the fuss about this chocolate was!  I wanted to have some for myself!

I took the box over to my bed and lay down to study it.  It was closed, but it smelled wonderful. I started chewing on it, and then finally got it open!  I got ready to sample of of these delicious See’s candies.

It was empty!

Not a scrap, not a crumb, not a piece of chocolate left.  So I did what any clever puppy would do …

I ate the box.


I went to visit The Warehouse.  It is the place where dad spends a lot of his time.  It is the place where he builds sets for those theatrical productions that he loves to work on.

1-11 016This time, however, he wasn’t working on sets.  He was there for some other reason, and so he brought me along.  It was fun to explore a new place.  To look around and discover new things.

I discovered a new friend … Nathan.

I could have stood there all day while he scratched my head.  It felt good.

But – while I enjoyed the attention – I was there for another purpose.  I was there to explore!

1-11 018And the first thing that I found was another dog!

Another clever puppy just like me!

Yes, yes, I know.  It was only my own reflection.  But what a handsome looking reflection it was!  Yes sirree dog, a mighty fine-looking pup, I must admit.

While I was there I thought that I would practice my ballet.  Here I am, in first position.  Or is it second?  I can never remember.

1-11 021I soon made my next discovery … lots of wood on which I could chew!  It was hard to decide which one to pick up, but I soon decided on this beauty.  I fits perfectly into my mouth, don’t you think?

Dad and I played “Fetch the scrap of 2X4” for a little while, and it was fun chasing after this piece of wood, and then trying to stop but instead sliding past it on the smooth concrete floor.  Wheeee! I can’t do that on the lawn in the back yard!

1-11 022But look!  What is this??!!  Power tools!!!  I could use this saw to cut more wood into bite-size puppy pieces!

“Hey dad, can you show me how to use this thing?”

“What do you mean, I can’t use it?  Why not?  Don’t you have any safety goggles that will fit a puppy?”

Oh well … until I get the correct PPE* I will have to let dad do the work for me.

1-11 020The last thing that I discovered was a set piece from a show that the company did a couple of years ago.  I think that it was called Big.  It obviously was about a dog … a BIG dog.  And, being a show about a dog, I’m sure that it was a big hit.  A BIG hit — get it?

Anyway, this set piece is supposed to house a mythical creature called Zoltar who – I guess – gives advice to the Big Dog on where to get a doggie treat.  So I put in my piece of wood, and waited.  And waited.  But Zoltar never appeared.  And I never got my doggie treat.  I think that this Zoltar is just a big rip-off.  A BIG rip-off — get it?

Anyway, that was my exciting visit to The Warehouse.  Now that I know where it is, I can always go back.  I hear that auditions for the next show will take place in that Warehouse.  I think that the show is called City of Angels.  Hmmm … do you think there is a role for a clever puppy in that musical?  I better getting my audition piece ready!

*  For you safety-types, I’m sure that you know what PPE stands for:  Puppy Protective Equipment!

Curse You, BMW!

Red BaronThe enemy appeared out of nowhere, swooping down from my six o’clock position, obviously oblivious to the dangers of approaching as such a rapid closure rate.  I tried to avoid the inevitable, by dodging, swerving, turning, but all to no avail.  

Rats!  001The Red Baron once again made a mess of my poor Puppy-mobile.   Well, it wasn’t really the Red Baron. It was a BMW instead of a Fokker Triplane.  And I don’t know about Snoopy’s supply sergeant, but mom and dad weren’t very happy.  And just like Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel, I needed to get a new Puppy-mobile.

From iPhone 001I miss the old one.  It was a nice blue color, and it was a good size, and best of all, it smelled like me.

As I wrote a few posts ago, I went to a lot of places in the back of that Puppy-mobile.  That car and I were great friends.  While mom or dad would drive down the road I would sit there and look out the windows, smudging them with my nose prints and licking them as well.

I will miss that car, and all the ways in which I dogified it.

Now there is a new Puppy-mobile.  1-11 013I am not sure about this one.  It is newer, and it has more features in it, and it looks almost the same.  But it is different.  It is silver, and the back door opens automatically, and it has funny smells in it.

I am not sure about this new Sopwith Camel yet.  I don’t know if it is as good as the old one.  I guess that there is only one way to find out…

I need to go somewhere and take it for a test ride.

Come on, dad!  Hurry up!  Let’s go cruising!!


XBailey at home 11-12-2011 026


Wake me when it’s Tuesday …



At the end of the Leash

Those squirrels must have a lot of political power.

1-11 015I mean, really.  Leash laws?!  In a big county park, with lots of fields and trees.  And squirrels.  Think about it …

… just who is protected by those leash laws?

Yes, you’ve got it … the squirrels!

Why else would we clever pups have to be constrained at the end of a six-foot leash?  So we can’t go running after the squirrels, that’s why!

It’s the only reason.  1-11 014I’ll bet that those squirrely-things lobbied the county supervisors to implement these leash restrictions so that they, the squirrels, could roam around the hills and fields without fear of being chased into their little squirrel holes by us dogs, who are obviously superior in intelligence and running speed.

It certainly wasn’t the wild pigs who wanted the leash laws.  They are too dumb to have their own lobby.  Besides, they are slow, and ugly, and they are mean.  Who would want to chase a wild pig, anyway?

866No, it has to be the fault of the squirrels.  Just wait, however, until I get my J.D. (Juris Doggie) degree.  Then I will work to repeal these unfair leash laws.  Then the puppies will emerge victorious.  Then the squirrels better watch out!

In the meantime, I will obey the laws and stay on the leash.  But the next time I see one of those pigs, I will see if we can work out a deal.  Maybe I can convince those big, ugly things to chase the squirrels for me!  Won’t that be funny to see!!