A Dapper 2014

Hello, gentle humans, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am writing this shortly after midnight.  Mom and dad tell me that it is now 2014 … a new year.  They stayed up late (much later than dad usually does) and celebrated with a glass of some bubbly-stuff and … well, let’s just say, they celebrated.

I did, too.  I even wore this neat hat for the occasion.  new year 051But it sure seemed dark when I put it on.  It was like someone turned the lights out.

I guess that the hat didn’t quite fit this clever pup’s head.  But no matter … it was New Year’s Eve and I was celebrating!  I look pretty snazzy, don’t you think?  I am a rather dapper doggie.

Maybe I should make some calling cards, and put this picture on it, with the caption, “The Dandy Dapper Doggie.”  That would be delightful.  Definitely delightful.

But anyway, back to the celebrating.  Not only was there drinking and kissing going on, there was also lots of noise.  new year 058The neighbors outside were making loud popping noises … well, actually, the people weren’t making the popping sounds.  It was the loud firecrackers which they were using that made the sounds.

And I was making noise, too.  Or, at least, I tried to.  I put this squeaky horn in my mouth and tried to make it squeak like dad did.  I tried, and I tried, but couldn’t make a sound.  So I did what a puppy does best …

… I ate it.

Anyway, that was all the excitement for the evening.  After the clock struck midnight mom and dad went to sleep, and left me here to write this blog.  Now it’s time for me to get some sleep, too.  Tomorrow will be another busy day, full of fun and running and eating.

Just like yesterday was.

Just like last year.


3 responses to “A Dapper 2014

  1. Great pix, Bailey. Looks like you had fun New Years Eve. I just wonder what you REALLY think of all the things dad puts you through for those pictures. You seems so tolerant and photogenic.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Bailey. You were a busy puppy last night!

  3. Definitely Dandy Dapper and Delightful! Life is good when you are a golden retriever!

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