Finding Excitement

Dad brought home a fortune cookie for me.  Fortune CookieHe thought that I would like to eat it as a treat.

I did like it.  It was yummy.

But I also liked my fortune that was inside.

It says that I will find excitement wherever I go.  I like that thought.  I like it a lot.

After all, my life has been very exciting.  I have gone many places where I have found thrilling things, such as going for hikes up the hill and finding squirrels to chase (now, what could be more exciting than THAT?)

And remember when I was chasing soap bubbles in the back yard?  Melanie and Bailey 2-9-2012 043That shows that I don’t have to go far to find excitement.

I looked it up and found that the Webster Dictionary defines excitement as “a feeling of eager enthusiasm and interest.”  I think that adequately describes me.  It sure does!  100% of the time!

That is just another way in which we clever dogs approach life in a more healthy way than you gentle humans.  Late Summer 015We are enthusiastic about everything.  For example, how many of you get excited about shopping?  I mean, really.  You should see dad … he hates to go shopping.  But me?  I love it!  I love running up and down all the asiles, sniffing the smells, saying “Hi” to the other puppies and humans there.

Yes, there is excitement to be found out there!  All you need to do is look for it … it isn’t hard to find.  So com’on, everyone!  Let’s go outside and find it!

        …  SQUIRREL! 



One response to “Finding Excitement

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Bailey.

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