At the end of the Leash

Those squirrels must have a lot of political power.

1-11 015I mean, really.  Leash laws?!  In a big county park, with lots of fields and trees.  And squirrels.  Think about it …

… just who is protected by those leash laws?

Yes, you’ve got it … the squirrels!

Why else would we clever pups have to be constrained at the end of a six-foot leash?  So we can’t go running after the squirrels, that’s why!

It’s the only reason.  1-11 014I’ll bet that those squirrely-things lobbied the county supervisors to implement these leash restrictions so that they, the squirrels, could roam around the hills and fields without fear of being chased into their little squirrel holes by us dogs, who are obviously superior in intelligence and running speed.

It certainly wasn’t the wild pigs who wanted the leash laws.  They are too dumb to have their own lobby.  Besides, they are slow, and ugly, and they are mean.  Who would want to chase a wild pig, anyway?

866No, it has to be the fault of the squirrels.  Just wait, however, until I get my J.D. (Juris Doggie) degree.  Then I will work to repeal these unfair leash laws.  Then the puppies will emerge victorious.  Then the squirrels better watch out!

In the meantime, I will obey the laws and stay on the leash.  But the next time I see one of those pigs, I will see if we can work out a deal.  Maybe I can convince those big, ugly things to chase the squirrels for me!  Won’t that be funny to see!!


One response to “At the end of the Leash

  1. Hi Bailey,
    I’m Sammy the backyard squirrel of Claudine. I am sure we would get along. I would be happy to share some of my nuts with you.
    By for now, Sammy

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