Curse You, BMW!

Red BaronThe enemy appeared out of nowhere, swooping down from my six o’clock position, obviously oblivious to the dangers of approaching as such a rapid closure rate.  I tried to avoid the inevitable, by dodging, swerving, turning, but all to no avail.  

Rats!  001The Red Baron once again made a mess of my poor Puppy-mobile.   Well, it wasn’t really the Red Baron. It was a BMW instead of a Fokker Triplane.  And I don’t know about Snoopy’s supply sergeant, but mom and dad weren’t very happy.  And just like Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel, I needed to get a new Puppy-mobile.

From iPhone 001I miss the old one.  It was a nice blue color, and it was a good size, and best of all, it smelled like me.

As I wrote a few posts ago, I went to a lot of places in the back of that Puppy-mobile.  That car and I were great friends.  While mom or dad would drive down the road I would sit there and look out the windows, smudging them with my nose prints and licking them as well.

I will miss that car, and all the ways in which I dogified it.

Now there is a new Puppy-mobile.  1-11 013I am not sure about this one.  It is newer, and it has more features in it, and it looks almost the same.  But it is different.  It is silver, and the back door opens automatically, and it has funny smells in it.

I am not sure about this new Sopwith Camel yet.  I don’t know if it is as good as the old one.  I guess that there is only one way to find out…

I need to go somewhere and take it for a test ride.

Come on, dad!  Hurry up!  Let’s go cruising!!


5 responses to “Curse You, BMW!

  1. Hi Bailey. Next time you need a Puppy-mobile tell your dad to get one of these:

    • That looks great, Lance! I love it … a Ferrari with room for a clever pup! I think I need to convince mom and dad to sell the house and buy one of these beauties!

  2. Looking sharp, B! I’m sure you’ll make the new plane your own tout de suite.

  3. I bet there was a German Shepherd in that BMW!!

  4. Hey! No bad-mouthing BMWs

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