I went to visit The Warehouse.  It is the place where dad spends a lot of his time.  It is the place where he builds sets for those theatrical productions that he loves to work on.

1-11 016This time, however, he wasn’t working on sets.  He was there for some other reason, and so he brought me along.  It was fun to explore a new place.  To look around and discover new things.

I discovered a new friend … Nathan.

I could have stood there all day while he scratched my head.  It felt good.

But – while I enjoyed the attention – I was there for another purpose.  I was there to explore!

1-11 018And the first thing that I found was another dog!

Another clever puppy just like me!

Yes, yes, I know.  It was only my own reflection.  But what a handsome looking reflection it was!  Yes sirree dog, a mighty fine-looking pup, I must admit.

While I was there I thought that I would practice my ballet.  Here I am, in first position.  Or is it second?  I can never remember.

1-11 021I soon made my next discovery … lots of wood on which I could chew!  It was hard to decide which one to pick up, but I soon decided on this beauty.  I fits perfectly into my mouth, don’t you think?

Dad and I played “Fetch the scrap of 2X4” for a little while, and it was fun chasing after this piece of wood, and then trying to stop but instead sliding past it on the smooth concrete floor.  Wheeee! I can’t do that on the lawn in the back yard!

1-11 022But look!  What is this??!!  Power tools!!!  I could use this saw to cut more wood into bite-size puppy pieces!

“Hey dad, can you show me how to use this thing?”

“What do you mean, I can’t use it?  Why not?  Don’t you have any safety goggles that will fit a puppy?”

Oh well … until I get the correct PPE* I will have to let dad do the work for me.

1-11 020The last thing that I discovered was a set piece from a show that the company did a couple of years ago.  I think that it was called Big.  It obviously was about a dog … a BIG dog.  And, being a show about a dog, I’m sure that it was a big hit.  A BIG hit — get it?

Anyway, this set piece is supposed to house a mythical creature called Zoltar who – I guess – gives advice to the Big Dog on where to get a doggie treat.  So I put in my piece of wood, and waited.  And waited.  But Zoltar never appeared.  And I never got my doggie treat.  I think that this Zoltar is just a big rip-off.  A BIG rip-off — get it?

Anyway, that was my exciting visit to The Warehouse.  Now that I know where it is, I can always go back.  I hear that auditions for the next show will take place in that Warehouse.  I think that the show is called City of Angels.  Hmmm … do you think there is a role for a clever puppy in that musical?  I better getting my audition piece ready!

*  For you safety-types, I’m sure that you know what PPE stands for:  Puppy Protective Equipment!


One response to “Showtime!

  1. That looks like second position to me, Bailey.

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