Seeing See’s

Mom and dad have this thing about something called chocolate.  They particularly like a kind called See’s.  That is also the place where Colleen works.  So it must be a very good place.  And they must have some delicious chocolate.

I would like to try some chocolate.  Bone 1I have begged mom and dad to let me taste some, but they have refused.

They keep telling me that it is not good for puppies to eat.

But how can that be true?  If it is all right for gentle humans, then it must be all right for dogs, too?

I think that they are just trying to keep me from savoring one of the better things in life.  And that doesn’t seem fair.

So I decided to take things into my own hands … or paws, if you like.  photo (18)Actually, my own mouth!  I found that they left a box of See’s Victorian Toffee on the coffee table, and I very cautiously, very quietly, went over and picked it up!

I wanted to see what all the fuss about this chocolate was!  I wanted to have some for myself!

I took the box over to my bed and lay down to study it.  It was closed, but it smelled wonderful. I started chewing on it, and then finally got it open!  I got ready to sample of of these delicious See’s candies.

It was empty!

Not a scrap, not a crumb, not a piece of chocolate left.  So I did what any clever puppy would do …

I ate the box.


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