I told you a few months ago about the newest gentle human in my life.  Little Hamilton just turned 3 in puppy-years.  1-13-14 013Of course, he is not yet that old in human years, but I can’t help that, now, can I?

He came over for a visit a few days ago, and I thought that he was very happy to see me.  Mom held him and he saw me and smiled, and giggled, and reached out to touch me.

He is into touching a lot of things recently.  He likes to touch things, and grab for them, and pick them up, and put them in his mouth.

(I was going to give him some of my puppy toys to play with, but mom and dad wouldn’t let me. )

Anyway, on this particular day, 1-13-14 012I decided that I would get a a little closer to him.  After all, he was being SOOOO friendly, and SOOOO happy, and SOOOO giggly.  SOOOO, I got closer …

… and closer …

… and even closer …

I got SOOOO close that I was practically touching him snout-to-nose.

OK, maybe I got a little TOOOO close!  1-13-14 011Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to get TOOOO friendly.  Maybe I should have kept my tongue in my mouth.

I don’t think that Hamilton was quite ready to get so up close and pup-sonal with a clever and friendly puppy.  He wasn’t smiling anymore.  He wasn’t giggling anymore.

It took him a little time to get over this close encounter, but after a while he was laughing again.  He is growing fast, and soon will be crawling, then walking, and then running!

And then we can go outside and play together on the lawn and have a grand time.  Oh, that will be SOOOO much fun!


2 responses to “Snout-to-Nose

  1. Nice to see some shots of the littlest gentleman.

  2. Just wait until Hamilton gets big enough to pull on your tail… that won’t be as much fun. (I know from the gentle-human side of this…)

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