The “D-Word”

Dear gentle humans, have you said the “D-word” recently?  1-23 018Well, have you?

No, not THAT D-word!! Not the DOGGIE word!  I mean the other D-word.

I mean “Drought.”

Yes, our fine State has been declared to be in a drought state, and dad and I decided to take a hike to see how bad it was.  In this picture we are on the trail to the lake, and you can see the trail that we still have to climb on the hills behind me.  (See it?  That thin line on the hill above my head?  That’s where we are heading.)

Right away, as we started, 1-23 016we could tell that we were experiencing a drought.  Just look at the grasses … so brown and dry.  Normally, at this time of year, they would be lush and green.  Normally, at this time of year, we couldn’t even make this hike because the trails would be closed due to mud.

But this year, in the middle of January, we had beautiful, warm, sunny days.  The sky was a gorgeous deep blue.  The temperature was in the mid-70s.  There wasn’t a rain cloud in sight.

And that was the problem.  It hasn’t rained in months! Oh, maybe a sprinkle or two, but a real good “raining purry-things-and-dogs” downpour?  Nope – not in my recent memory!

The lack of rain really showed when we got to the lake.  Here are two photos, comparing the lake level from last summer compared to last weekend.  Look at the difference!

Low LakeAnd this is supposed to be the wet season!  The lake is supposed to be full! Yessiree dog, we are definitely experiencing a drought!

026 Walk 1-11-13It was sad to see the water level so low, so very low.  I wonder what would happen if it dried up all together? Would all the trees and grasses die?  Would the birds fly away?  Would the squirrels leave?

So be sure to save the water, gentle humans.  There isn’t much of it there.  And we need the water.  We need it for cooking, and washing, and – most important of all – drinking!  Especially for a very thirsty puppy after a very long and hot hike.



2 responses to “The “D-Word”

  1. Yes, Bailey, it is sad. I went on a similar hike at Almaden Quicksilver park recently, and the trails should be muddy and all the grass green this time of year.

  2. Luckily we finally got some rain (I know, I’m late in replying to this blog), but still not nearly enough. You need to do your cleverpuppy rain dance.

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