A Hot Dog is not a Warm Puppy

Have you noticed, gentle humans? Late Summer 020The weather has been unusually hot, hasn’t it.  Every day the pretty weather lady says that we are experiencing new record high temperatures for January.

I’m not sure about global warming, especially when I read about the frigid conditions in other parts of the country.  But I sure do believe in California Warming.

I have been hot, and I am a dog.  I guess that you could call me a Hot Dog!

Ha ha ha … that was a doggie funny.  7-20-13 017Because – although I am hot, and I am a dog – I am NOT a hot dog.  A hot dog is what you gentle humans eat on warm summer days.  Or maybe warm January days, too?

I don’t understand why you call them Hot Dogs.  I mean, they don’t look like puppies at all.  And besides, who would want to eat a clever, adorable canine?  I don’t understand at all.

However, I do understand this:  Disney Cruise 003Driving a hot dog!  YES … that is what I would like to do!  Mom and dad saw this giant hot dog on a recent trip to Los Angelas and showed it to me when they got back.

I would love to drive this hot dog.  Wouldn’t it be fun? Wouldn’t it be so cool?  I mean, so HOT! I could drive to Melanie’s school to pick her up after classes, and all the kids would come running out to see me, and I would bark out the window,

“ARF!  I am one really HOT Dog!”

Yes, that is what I think I will do.  I will have to talk to dad about buying me one of these hot dogs. Yessiree dog!


One response to “A Hot Dog is not a Warm Puppy

  1. Bailey, don’t joke about new cars to drive. Dad’s had his share for quite some time now.

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