Fling. Grab. Drop. Repeat.

I went to the store and brought home a new toy.  006 (2)Well, actually, mom brought it home for me.  But just the same, it is for me, it is new, and I get to play with it.

Or so I thought.

You see, mom showed me this new blue round thing, and before I could take it from her she flung it onto the lawn!  Of course, I chased it grabbed it and started to trot off to find a shady spot where I could chew this new toy into little pieces.

But before I got very far, mom came over and tried to grab it from me!  008 (2)We had quite a tussle … I would shake my head and try to pull it away, she would shake her arm and try to pull it away, I would say “Grrr” and not let go, and she would say “Drop it, Bailey!  Give!”

I was a good dog.

I dropped it.  I gave her my new toy.

And then we did it all over again!

  1. Fling
  2. Grab
  3. Tussle
  4. Give
  5. Repeat

What a fun day!


One response to “Fling. Grab. Drop. Repeat.

  1. Nice product placement, Bailey. Are you getting sponsored?

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