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A Hip Puppie




Mom and dad grew and lived through the 1960s in the Bay Area — through the Hippie era.  Peace and Love … those were the popular words spoken by the hippies in those days.  You might not have been able to understand much more about what they said, but those two words were commonly repeated.

Peace.  Love.  Who could argue with that?

However, as good and desireable as those words were, there is one word missing:


Peace Love DogsYes, gentle humans, dogs are necessary to bring peace and love into your lives.  Dogs are required if you are to realize the other two to their fullest.

Let’s consider PEACE.  Just think about it … who could iPhone 052possibly be mad when there is a puppy to play with?  Who would want to argue when there is a puppy chasing sticks, or balls, or squirrels?  (All right, I will concede that maybe the squirrels would be mad.)  And what could possibly be more peaceful than a puppy asleep on the lawn?

Yes, real peace is not possible without a dog.

As for LOVE, well, that goes without saying.  Late Summer 017But I will say it anyway: 

Dogs = Love! 

How could anyone doubt this?  If you have ever looked into a puppy’s eyes, you saw love.  If you have ever had a dog whine and bark when you walk in the house, you heard love.  If you ever had your faced licked by a dog, you felt love.

Warm, wet, slobbery love.

Without a doubt, dogs are synonmous with love.  Everyone who has ever owned a puppy knows that.

So I will start a new movement.  Taking the Hippie ideals one step further, I now begin the Puppie Movement.  We’ll have long hair and wear beads (unless we chew them up).  We’ll bark Puppie songs.  We’ll have a Dog-In in the park.

Peace.  Love.  Dogs.

UntitledSounds lovely, don’t you think?  It’ll be be great.  It’ll be wonderful.  It’ll be …

Wait a minute. 

Will there still be peace and love in the house if I came inside and ran all over the carpet with muddy paws?





Walking the Yo-yo

My dad tells me that when he was young he had something called a “yo-yo”.  (Now, if you ask me that is a silly name for a toy.)  He said that he’d put his finger in the loop and then do something called “walking the dog”.

But, now that he has grown up (and that, my gentle humans, is a subject that is up for debate), he doesn’t have a yo-yo.  Instead, he has a clever puppy!  And he can put his hand into the loop of the leash and still walk the dog!

rain 004And that is exactly what we did on this cloudy day.  Mom, dad and I went to the park next to Melanie’s school.  I had been here only once before, when I was just a small puppy.  I remember playing with all the kids, and all the moms saying what a cute puppy I was.

But today, there were no kids, and other than my own, there were no moms.  It was cold.  It was cloudy.  It was threatening to rain!

And that is just what it did!  It rained!  I didn’t mind … this puppy loves to walk in the rain.  So does mom – she kept telling dad, “Oh come on, you won’t melt.” It rained for most of our walk, and it was fun.

rain 001It rained sooo much that there were puddles on the ground.  I ran right into the biggest one and then started drinking!  Ahh, the taste of fresh rainwater … nothing is better.

Puppies and puddles … they go together very well, don’t you think?

rain 002After that drink, we went on.  I had lots still to explore.  There were lots of things to see, and smells to smell, and even a squirrel!  He was up in the tree, holding on the to trunk upside-down, and eating a nut!

I dragged dad over to that tree and looked up at him. He wasn’t scared of me at all.  I guess that he knew I can’t climb trees.

Finally we went back to the car, and I hopped into the back with my wet paws and wet fur.  It was a nice walk.  I went home and lay down on my bed, and thought.  Thought about walking in the rain, and drinking from puddles, and wondering if I could learn how to climb trees.

And I also wondered if I could play with a yo-yo …

Happy Cleverpuppy Day!

Dear gentle humans, what is the big deal? groundhogI mean, why all this fuss about a groundhog?  And why, oh why, did you ever deem it necessary to recognize this fat-squirrel-thing with his own day?

Why is Feb. 2 designated as “Groundhog Day”?  What has the groundhog ever done to deserve that honor?  Did he ever fetch a stick?  No!  Did he ever chase soap bubbles?  No!  Did he ever lick you on the face and make you feel happy?  NO!

All he does is come out of his hole in the ground, get scared by his shadow, and retreat back into his hole.   7-20-13 014I see my shadow every time I am outside!  I see my shadow when I play, and I see my shadow when I run (after all, I am speed!). I see my shadow when I go on hikes and see squirrel holes in the ground.

But I see NO reason for a special day for groundhogs.

Bailey head shot 5-6-12Why isn’t this day Cleverpuppy Day instead?  That makes much more sense, doesn’t it?  After all, dogs are better pets.  Dogs are better companions.  Dogs are trustworthy.  Dogs are loyal.  Dogs are helpful, and friendly, and courteous, kind, cheerful, … wait, I think those words have already been used before …

Today should be Cleverpuppy Day!  Please, gentle humans, please help me spread the word.  Please wish everyone you see today a HAPPY CLEVERPUPPY DAY!  

And be sure to tell them why.

Thank you.