Happy Cleverpuppy Day!

Dear gentle humans, what is the big deal? groundhogI mean, why all this fuss about a groundhog?  And why, oh why, did you ever deem it necessary to recognize this fat-squirrel-thing with his own day?

Why is Feb. 2 designated as “Groundhog Day”?  What has the groundhog ever done to deserve that honor?  Did he ever fetch a stick?  No!  Did he ever chase soap bubbles?  No!  Did he ever lick you on the face and make you feel happy?  NO!

All he does is come out of his hole in the ground, get scared by his shadow, and retreat back into his hole.   7-20-13 014I see my shadow every time I am outside!  I see my shadow when I play, and I see my shadow when I run (after all, I am speed!). I see my shadow when I go on hikes and see squirrel holes in the ground.

But I see NO reason for a special day for groundhogs.

Bailey head shot 5-6-12Why isn’t this day Cleverpuppy Day instead?  That makes much more sense, doesn’t it?  After all, dogs are better pets.  Dogs are better companions.  Dogs are trustworthy.  Dogs are loyal.  Dogs are helpful, and friendly, and courteous, kind, cheerful, … wait, I think those words have already been used before …

Today should be Cleverpuppy Day!  Please, gentle humans, please help me spread the word.  Please wish everyone you see today a HAPPY CLEVERPUPPY DAY!  

And be sure to tell them why.

Thank you.


2 responses to “Happy Cleverpuppy Day!

  1. Happy Bailey Day!

  2. Dogs rule every day!

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