Walking the Yo-yo

My dad tells me that when he was young he had something called a “yo-yo”.  (Now, if you ask me that is a silly name for a toy.)  He said that he’d put his finger in the loop and then do something called “walking the dog”.

But, now that he has grown up (and that, my gentle humans, is a subject that is up for debate), he doesn’t have a yo-yo.  Instead, he has a clever puppy!  And he can put his hand into the loop of the leash and still walk the dog!

rain 004And that is exactly what we did on this cloudy day.  Mom, dad and I went to the park next to Melanie’s school.  I had been here only once before, when I was just a small puppy.  I remember playing with all the kids, and all the moms saying what a cute puppy I was.

But today, there were no kids, and other than my own, there were no moms.  It was cold.  It was cloudy.  It was threatening to rain!

And that is just what it did!  It rained!  I didn’t mind … this puppy loves to walk in the rain.  So does mom – she kept telling dad, “Oh come on, you won’t melt.” It rained for most of our walk, and it was fun.

rain 001It rained sooo much that there were puddles on the ground.  I ran right into the biggest one and then started drinking!  Ahh, the taste of fresh rainwater … nothing is better.

Puppies and puddles … they go together very well, don’t you think?

rain 002After that drink, we went on.  I had lots still to explore.  There were lots of things to see, and smells to smell, and even a squirrel!  He was up in the tree, holding on the to trunk upside-down, and eating a nut!

I dragged dad over to that tree and looked up at him. He wasn’t scared of me at all.  I guess that he knew I can’t climb trees.

Finally we went back to the car, and I hopped into the back with my wet paws and wet fur.  It was a nice walk.  I went home and lay down on my bed, and thought.  Thought about walking in the rain, and drinking from puddles, and wondering if I could learn how to climb trees.

And I also wondered if I could play with a yo-yo …


One response to “Walking the Yo-yo

  1. I hope you get many more walks in the rain this winter, Bailey! But try to keep the mud off of the car seats.

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