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It Came From Outer Space

I couldn’t believe that it was happening!  It was just like in those sci-fi movies that I’ve seen mom and dad watch!!  It was a bright, clear, sunny morning, and I was happily playing outside with my purry-buddies, when suddenly the sun went away!  I looked up, and this huge, I mean HUGE thing was approaching, blocking out the sunlight, covering up the whole sky!  And it was getting bigger!  IT WAS GETTING CLOSER!!!  We were being invaded by an alien spaceship!!!

I ran to the door and barked.  BARKED!!  “Dad, come here!  Look at this thing!!What IS it?” Balloon2

Of course, dad being dad, didn’t understand me.  He thought that I wanted to come in.  So he opened the door and let me inside.

But I was still freaked out!  I ran to the front window to get a better look.  I jumped up on dad to get him to look to, but he still didn’t get it.  I ran upstairs to get a closer look.  He followed, still not understanding my urgency.  I whined.  I whimpered.

I was scared.

The horses, on the other hand, didn’t seem fazed at all.  They were nonplussed.  They are dumb animals.  Not clever, like me.  Not at all aware of their surroundings.

Balloon1Not at all worried that the end of the world was approaching!

Then, finally, as it got close to the ground, dad saw it.  But he didn’t seem at all concerned, or worried.  In fact, he seemed to enjoy the drama.

He said to  me, “Now there’s something that you don’t see everyday.” He took a picture.  He posted about it on Facebook.

I guess that the aliens weren’t hostile after all.  A truck drove up to where they landed, some people got out and deflated and folded up their spaceship, and they drove away.

But I tell you … the end of the world is coming.  The aliens will be back, and in greater numbers.

And when they DO come, I hope that dad is more concerned about running for safety than about talking about it on Facebook!!