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THE COLD WAR IS NOT OVER!  Gentle humans, contrary to what you may have12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 011 been led to believe the mighty struggle between two superpowers has not ended!

The on-going fight for supremacy between Pups and Squirrels continues!

The Canidae and the Sciuridae have long been at odds with each other.  Squirrels taunt us, they chatter at us, they wave their bushy tails in the air and then they run and hide up in a tree or down in their holes in the ground.

We puppies chase them only to protect our dignity; to defend our turf.

And yet, I recently received this message from Sammy the Squirrel.

LetterI do not know who this Sammy is, but he seems to be suggesting a truce of sorts. He thinks that we could get along, but how can that be?

He is squirrel.  

I am dog. 

Everyone knows that we do not get along.  It is the way of life.

SammyI did some research, and found a photo of Sammy. He apparently does live in the backyard and does get fed by Claudine.  He seems to be quite a chow hound (oops, how can I refer to a squirrel as a “hound”?  That is a major faux pas on my part!!)

Sammy's House

He also had a special dining room made for him by some gentle friends of hers.   It’s a cute little place … if it were larger it would make a nice dog house.  Of course, in order to fit this clever puppy it would have to be MUCH larger!

Is this gesture of friendship the start of a period of detente between dogs and squirrels?   Maybe so … here is more evidence:  DrawingA few days ago Melanie brought over a new drawing that she made at Day Camp, and it is a picture of a squirrel!  In the past she would draw pictures of puppies, me in particular.  But now … a squirrel? With a big bushy tail??

What does this mean?  Is she proposing that squirrels and dogs can be friends?  Can our two species really live together, play together?  Should I, as Sammy suggests, eat some nuts?

I think that this is a topic that needs to be discussed at the UA* Security Council. That ought to be a lively debate.  Maybe some gnashing of teeth, waving of trunks, or even pounding of horseshoes on the desk!

* UA stands for The United Animals.