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It’s today!

I remember lots of different days as I have been growing up. I remember the days playing with my brothers and sisters in the yard.  Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 001aThere were a lot of us, and now I have forgotten how many of us puppies there were.  But we had fun every day, running and jumping on each other, eating together as a family, and more running. Every day was pretty much the same.

And I remember  Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018aa certain day, a long time ago. Yes, remember that day very well.  That was the day that mom and dad came to take me to my new home. They came to our yard and I chose dad as my gentle human. I left my brothers and sisters and came to live in San Martin, with mom, dad, and the purry-things.

I remember the day when I first met Melanie. Lyric Caroling 12-11-11 009aShe was smaller, and at first a little shy, but soon she began to like me and we had fun together. We would run, and play tug-a-thing, and splash in the pool.

Then there was that day when I made friends with the purry-thing who lives in the backyard. Bailey - more June 19, 2012  003He is my buddy. We do lots of things together when I am in the backyard. I will even share my food with him.

I remember that day when we went on our first walk at the park, the one that has become my favorite where dad and I often go to climb the mountain and chase the squirrels.  photo (13)Well, actually, dad doesn’t chase the squirrels. He leaves that for me to do. I’ve had many days there, but I remember that first one.

Of course, there were some days that were not so nice. I remember the day when mom and dad found out that I was very sick and had to to go to the vet, and stay overnight for a few days to recover. B and K vetI remember the day that I sat in the vet’s office, wondering what would happen next.

That was a very worrisome day.  But luckily, it was only one day. The vet took care of me and now I am healthy and fine and happy.

Yes, there are lots of days that I remember, and all of them are very special to me. But none of them are as special as today.

Bailey's 1st Birthday 7-31-2012 007Because it’s today.

Today is the day!

Today I celebrate being me, and celebrate being with my family.

Today is my birthday!  I’m now twenty-one! (Oh, that’s three in your gentle human years.)

Happy Birthday to me!



Channeling Morris

5Many of you gentle readers will remember TV commercials featuring Morris the Purry-thing.  Morris was always picky about what he ate, and his owners had to buy a special kind of food or he wouldn’t eat.

1Well, I’m here to say that we puppies can be finicky eaters also!  There are times when I look at my dog kibble and wonder why I am not getting a gourmet meal of fillet and lobster, or prime rib, or fried chicken.  After all, don’t I deserve the best?

2But no, it’s the same ol’ thing every night.  And sometimes — many times — I get tired of it.  I refuse to eat another bite of the same gruel.

Mom and dad have finally given in and often will add something to my meal to make it more appetizing.  Sometimes I have had juice from a steak, or better yet, some actual pieces of the meat itself.  3Shredded cheese is one of my favorites, as is chicken, fish, or even bacon!

They usually have a can of wet dog food around and will spice up my meal with a bit of this on the side.  It usually works … with this additional garnish my entree tastes better.

4Once I get eating I can’t stop, and I finish my food, get a drink of water, and am ready to go outside and play.  Or go over to my bed and sleep.  Whatever I do, I will do as a happy puppy with my appetite sated.

But maybe, just maybe, next time I can have a full slab of prime rib.  


Poll Position

Dad took one of those online polls.  Late Summer 024You know, the ones that ask silly questions like, “How much of a Doctor Who fan are you?” or “Are you Northern California or Southern California?”  You know what I mean … the polls that are a complete waste of time.

Yessir-ree-pup, he took one of those polls.  He took a poll called “How Much do you Like Dogs?”  Why he did this I will never know.  I could have given him that answer.  But he took it anyway, and he didn’t do as well as he might have thought.  Here is his score:

PollThat’s right, he only got a 97%!!  That is really driving him crazy.  He is trying to figure out what questions he might have missed to be lower than 100%.

Question number one was “How many dogs do you own?”  Now, maybe he lost points on that one because he only has one dog, but hey, he has ME!  The Clever Pup!  Why would he want any more?  So he certainly shouldn’t be downgraded for his response on this question!

Maybe he lost points on whether he would still eat his food after I licked it.  He replied, “Only if I’m really hungry.”  Root beerHonestly, now dad, what is wrong with my licking your food?  After all, we shared a root beer popsicle once, remember?

Those are the only two questions which might have led to his poor performance on this poll.  Still, he did do better than his Disney friend Julie who only got a miserable 96%!  And, I have this to say to Julie:  Yes, dad and I have indeed licked each others’ tongues!

Gentle humans, if you are interested in taking this quiz, here is the link:

Please let me know how well YOU did in the comments below.


Beware of the Spikes

“Ouch!” said dad.

Yesterday dad was working out in the yard.  SPikesHe was pruning some branches. And these branches had long spikes. See them in the picture?

They were really nasty, long, sharp spikes! Not thorns, like you will find on dad’s rose bushes.

No, these were spikes … deadly spikes!

“Ouch!” said dad again.

Now usually, when dad does yard work, he will save any nice branches for me and then toss them for me to fetch. But not this time.

Cut“These spikes are too long,” he said. “They’ll hurt your mouth,” he said.  “Ouch!” he said again.

But I was patient. I looked at him expectantly. And dad took his clippers and cut off ALL of those spikes.

And when he was done, he gave me that branch to play with!

SpikeThat’s why I like my dad. He’s always thinking of my welfare, and my health, and what is good for me. I took that branch and we played tug-a-stick for a while, then he threw it and I chased it for a while, then I took it over to my shady spot to chew on it in private.

Dad risked life and limb to cut off all those spikes for me.  He did that so I could play with my new stick. He’s a great dad … Bandaidbut there is one thing that he could improve upon. He needs to get some better bandaids! He needs some with a PUPPY on them, not some dumb purry-thing!


Flying with Amelia

I am wondering if you gentle humans have been following the story of Amelia Earhart? I have been. Oh, I don’t mean the Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937 while trying to fly around the world. I mean Amelia Rose Earhart who just landed in Oakland after tracing the first Amelia’s flight all around the globe.

I’m jealous of her.  Bailey 010412 007I have always wanted to fly. Do remember this photo that I posted when I was trying to fly? You can see that I’m flapping my ears as hard as I can, but I just couldn’t generate enough lift to get very high off the ground. You can read my full post here:

Anyway, when I heard that Amelia Rose was going to fly I had to see how she would do it.  FlappingHere is a picture of her, on the runway, flapping her arms to take off. I’m not sure … I don’t know … I just don’t see how she could get enough lift to overcome the Earth’s gravi

Oh,  I see. Dad is reading over my shoulder and he told me that she flew in an airplane.  CockpitThat’s different! Amelia piloted a single-engine Pilatus PC-12 more than 24,000 nautical miles, making 17 stops along the way. That’s a long way to go!

Wow, look at all those instruments in the cockpit! When dad flew in the Air Force he navigated over the oceans using something called “dead reckoning” and celestial navigation. Instead Amelia and her co-pilot used GPS. I’m not sure, but I think that stands for “Good Puppy Sit”. HowlandI don’t know how that would help her, but it must have. She was able to find islands in the Pacific Ocean like this one. It is Howland Island, the place where the first Amelia Earhart was headed when she because lost. It looks like a pretty small piece of land, in a very large ocean.

Amelia didn’t travel alone. As I mentioned, she had a co-pilot. She also had a puppy on board her plane!  BuddyWell, a puppy of sorts. Here is Buddy performing a pre-flight check during their stop at São Tomé. Now I’m really jealous!  If I can’t fly by myself, I can at least fly inside an airplane!

Just like Buddy!

Well, anyway, as I said I have been following her trip around the globe and am glad that she is safely back. Congratulations, Amelia, and welcome home! But next time, can I come along?  




Hello again, gentle humans.  If you have been following my blog you know me as a very clever puppy, a very fast puppy (after all, I am speed!), and a very fun-loving and happy puppy.  Geography1But did you also know that I am a very observant puppy, a puppy who is very aware of his surroundings and locations?

For example, here I am on my hike last weekend.  I am looking at all the landmarks that are visible from this spot high up the mountain.  I want to share them with you.

There is lots to see from here.  Geography2I have helped you gentle but perhaps somewhat ignorant humans by marking some of the landmarks with circles and letters.  That way you can see the thing to which I refer easily.

Let’s start with A. This circle is on a peak called Mt. Umunhum. Many people think that it sounds like Mt. M&M  but that would be wrong.  It was named by the Ohlone Indians and it means “resting place of the hummingbird.”  Geography4But others think of it as the mountain with the big box on top.  Because it does have a big box on top.

Back in the days of what my dad calls the Cold War this box was part of a big radar antennae that the Air Force used to detect unfriendly squirrels and purry-things.  But then things warmed up (probably because it was Summertime) and the radar wasn’t needed anymore.  But the box is still there …

Next look at circle B.  Morgan HillThis hill is the biggest landmark in the town of Morgan Hill.  In fact, most gentle visitors see it and say, “Look, there’s Morgan Hill.”  But that is also wrong.  Morgan Hill was the name of a person, not the hill.  It is called “El Toro” which is Spanish for The Bull.    But I think it should have been named something else.  Something more distinguished. Something like “El Perro.

Circle C is on a mountain called Loma Prieta.  Loma PrietaIf you have lived in the area for a while then that name will sound very familiar.  You may even remember where you were on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m.  Because it was near this mountain where the big earthquake was centered.

Too bad I wasn’t born yet.  I could have felt the quake coming and warned you gentle humans of the impending danger.  We dogs are good at that, you know.

OK, time for the most important landmark of this lesson.  Geography3What do you suppose circle D is?  Well, I will tell you:  it is HOME!

It is hard to see from this high up the mountain, but there, behind that green field of peppers and slightly hidden by the trees in our front yard is our house!  That’s the house where mom stayed home on this particular day.  She’s waiting there now, with fresh water and treats for me and maybe even a belly rub!

Com’on, dad, let’s go home!


Tennis, anydog?

I had a dream.

UntitledAnd it was only natural that — with Wimbledon going on — that I should dream about playing tennis.

In fact, I was playing doubles with my favorite puppy, Snoopy.

Snoopy is a great role model for me.  After all, he’s a famous writer (like me), and he likes to run fast (like me), and he loves suppertime (like me), and he sleeps on the top of his doghouse (like … wait a minute, that’s where I have to draw the line).

tennisAnyway, back to my dream. We were playing doubles at Wimbledon against those famous tennis players, Novak Dogkovich and Doger Federer.  But, while Snoopy was able to hold a racket in his paw and hit the ball back, every time they served to me I would chase it down and grab it with my mouth. I’d run with that ball until the ball boy told me to drop it.

Then, when they tried to serve that slobbery ball they threw it aside and complained that it was all wet and yucky.  The referee agreed with them and kicked me off the court.

It was not a pleasant dream.

iPhone 052I have a suggestion for a simple rule change at Wimbledon:  Allow dogs on the court to run and chase down all the balls.  It would be fun.  It would be a lot more interesting for you gentle humans instead of watching a ball get hit back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and …

Oh, and I have another suggestion:

Change the name to Wimbledog.  


Star Spangled Puppy

photo_1 (7)Oh, say can you hear,

By the puppy’s loud bark,

While so proudly his tail

In the twilight was wagging.



photo_3 (5)

Whose broad ears and bright eyes

Thru the gathering dark,

O’er the field did run

“I am speed” he’s bragging.



photo_2 (6)And the pup jumped with glee,

Chased a squirrel up a tree,

Gave proof through the night

Of the joy to be free.



photo_4 (2)Oh, say does that puppy

Still frolic in the night,

‘Neath the slim crescent moon

And the fireworks so bright?


Arf!  I wish all of you gentle humans a very happy FOURTH of JULY!


Distant Cousins

Some gentle human once said, “Yes we may look strange, but no matter what we’re still cousins.” 

032I had no idea what he (or she) meant by this, but I may have found out on a hike up the mountain a little while back.  Dad and I were taking another of our long treks and exploring a trail that we had never before followed.

It was a very long and winding road and we were enjoying the solitude when suddenly, my sharp eyes spotted someone watching us.

029Look … off in the distance.  Can you see him, too?

At first I thought that it might be another clever dog, a “brother,” so to bark.  I was eager to run over an jump and play with him.

We clever pups are always eager to frolic with other friendly puppies.

But he showed no indication of wanting to play.  We continued on the path, and he stayed up on the high road.  031Then I realized that he wasn’t a dog at all … he was a coyote.  Not a brother, he was more like a cousin. He and I were not strange, as the quote said, but we were different.

Dad was enthralled just by watching him pass us (and he got pretty close, too).  I guess that’s because dad studied zoology in school and likes to observe other animals.

As for me, I soon tired of just sitting there and wanted to get moving again.  After all, we may be cousins, but we were different, and we were going in different directions.

Maybe we’ll meet again on a future trip.


The Evils of Chocolate

You gentle humans have a weakness.  No, it is not probably a really bad shortcoming, and many of you seem to survive despite it.  But you do have a weakness.

SnoopyIt is called CHOCOLATE.

Even Charles Schultz, who once wrote that “Happiness is a Warm Puppy“, loved chocolate.  In fact, this is what he said about it:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” 

Now, I am disappointed.  I would have thought that the man who created Snoopy would have said that “All you need is a dog.”  But that is another story. Right now I want to talk about chocolate.

SeesBecause chocolate is very dangerous to dogs.  Maybe that’s why they wouldn’t let me in to the candy store?

Why is chocolate bad for dogs? Well, I did a little research on the puppyweb and found out that chocolate is made from cocoa, and cocoa beans contain caffeine and a related chemical compound called theobromine, which is the real danger.

Now apparently purry-things are also susceptible to theobromine, but as we know those dumb purry-things are very picky eaters.  BoneWe pups, on the other paw, will eat anything.   We’d eat shoes, and steak, and rubber chickens, and furry-plush-animals-with-squeakers inside them.  We’d even eat chocolate dog bones, if there was a company that made them. (Look at the picture … there IS a company that makes chocolate dog bones!!)

Root beerSo, maybe I can’t have some of that delicious See’s Chocolate that mom and dad love so much.  They must love it … they always have a box or three around the house!

And although I sit very quietly and pitifully, they never share their candy with me.

But if I can’t have chocolate, perhaps I can haz a bite of dad’s root beer popscicle?

Please, dad?  Huh?


Arf!  (wag,wag)  Thanks, dad!