Distant Cousins

Some gentle human once said, “Yes we may look strange, but no matter what we’re still cousins.” 

032I had no idea what he (or she) meant by this, but I may have found out on a hike up the mountain a little while back.  Dad and I were taking another of our long treks and exploring a trail that we had never before followed.

It was a very long and winding road and we were enjoying the solitude when suddenly, my sharp eyes spotted someone watching us.

029Look … off in the distance.  Can you see him, too?

At first I thought that it might be another clever dog, a “brother,” so to bark.  I was eager to run over an jump and play with him.

We clever pups are always eager to frolic with other friendly puppies.

But he showed no indication of wanting to play.  We continued on the path, and he stayed up on the high road.  031Then I realized that he wasn’t a dog at all … he was a coyote.  Not a brother, he was more like a cousin. He and I were not strange, as the quote said, but we were different.

Dad was enthralled just by watching him pass us (and he got pretty close, too).  I guess that’s because dad studied zoology in school and likes to observe other animals.

As for me, I soon tired of just sitting there and wanted to get moving again.  After all, we may be cousins, but we were different, and we were going in different directions.

Maybe we’ll meet again on a future trip.



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