Star Spangled Puppy

photo_1 (7)Oh, say can you hear,

By the puppy’s loud bark,

While so proudly his tail

In the twilight was wagging.



photo_3 (5)

Whose broad ears and bright eyes

Thru the gathering dark,

O’er the field did run

“I am speed” he’s bragging.



photo_2 (6)And the pup jumped with glee,

Chased a squirrel up a tree,

Gave proof through the night

Of the joy to be free.



photo_4 (2)Oh, say does that puppy

Still frolic in the night,

‘Neath the slim crescent moon

And the fireworks so bright?


Arf!  I wish all of you gentle humans a very happy FOURTH of JULY!



5 responses to “Star Spangled Puppy

  1. Very cute! Arf!

  2. Claudine Fall

    You look like an all American Dog, Bailey!

  3. You’re so cute, Bailey. 🙂

  4. Happy 4th, Bailey!!

  5. Great lyrics! How did you learn to write poetry so well?

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