Tennis, anydog?

I had a dream.

UntitledAnd it was only natural that — with Wimbledon going on — that I should dream about playing tennis.

In fact, I was playing doubles with my favorite puppy, Snoopy.

Snoopy is a great role model for me.  After all, he’s a famous writer (like me), and he likes to run fast (like me), and he loves suppertime (like me), and he sleeps on the top of his doghouse (like … wait a minute, that’s where I have to draw the line).

tennisAnyway, back to my dream. We were playing doubles at Wimbledon against those famous tennis players, Novak Dogkovich and Doger Federer.  But, while Snoopy was able to hold a racket in his paw and hit the ball back, every time they served to me I would chase it down and grab it with my mouth. I’d run with that ball until the ball boy told me to drop it.

Then, when they tried to serve that slobbery ball they threw it aside and complained that it was all wet and yucky.  The referee agreed with them and kicked me off the court.

It was not a pleasant dream.

iPhone 052I have a suggestion for a simple rule change at Wimbledon:  Allow dogs on the court to run and chase down all the balls.  It would be fun.  It would be a lot more interesting for you gentle humans instead of watching a ball get hit back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and …

Oh, and I have another suggestion:

Change the name to Wimbledog.  



3 responses to “Tennis, anydog?

  1. If there were puppies at Wimbledon — excuse me, Wimbledog — I might actually watch it.

  2. I agree, I’d be more likely to watch…what a joyous and laughter filled game it would be (well, for us watching, maybe not so much for the players)! No doubt, you are a very clever pup!

  3. Claudine Fall

    Here is an idea. It would help on the yucky wet ball problem. You chase them, stop the rolling and I’ll show up to carry them back with my teeth. Perhaps my mom could make some sort of hygienic ball Carrie for us. What a team ” Bailey ans Sammy”. Later dude, Sammy

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