Hello again, gentle humans.  If you have been following my blog you know me as a very clever puppy, a very fast puppy (after all, I am speed!), and a very fun-loving and happy puppy.  Geography1But did you also know that I am a very observant puppy, a puppy who is very aware of his surroundings and locations?

For example, here I am on my hike last weekend.  I am looking at all the landmarks that are visible from this spot high up the mountain.  I want to share them with you.

There is lots to see from here.  Geography2I have helped you gentle but perhaps somewhat ignorant humans by marking some of the landmarks with circles and letters.  That way you can see the thing to which I refer easily.

Let’s start with A. This circle is on a peak called Mt. Umunhum. Many people think that it sounds like Mt. M&M  but that would be wrong.  It was named by the Ohlone Indians and it means “resting place of the hummingbird.”  Geography4But others think of it as the mountain with the big box on top.  Because it does have a big box on top.

Back in the days of what my dad calls the Cold War this box was part of a big radar antennae that the Air Force used to detect unfriendly squirrels and purry-things.  But then things warmed up (probably because it was Summertime) and the radar wasn’t needed anymore.  But the box is still there …

Next look at circle B.  Morgan HillThis hill is the biggest landmark in the town of Morgan Hill.  In fact, most gentle visitors see it and say, “Look, there’s Morgan Hill.”  But that is also wrong.  Morgan Hill was the name of a person, not the hill.  It is called “El Toro” which is Spanish for The Bull.    But I think it should have been named something else.  Something more distinguished. Something like “El Perro.

Circle C is on a mountain called Loma Prieta.  Loma PrietaIf you have lived in the area for a while then that name will sound very familiar.  You may even remember where you were on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m.  Because it was near this mountain where the big earthquake was centered.

Too bad I wasn’t born yet.  I could have felt the quake coming and warned you gentle humans of the impending danger.  We dogs are good at that, you know.

OK, time for the most important landmark of this lesson.  Geography3What do you suppose circle D is?  Well, I will tell you:  it is HOME!

It is hard to see from this high up the mountain, but there, behind that green field of peppers and slightly hidden by the trees in our front yard is our house!  That’s the house where mom stayed home on this particular day.  She’s waiting there now, with fresh water and treats for me and maybe even a belly rub!

Com’on, dad, let’s go home!



4 responses to “Geodography

  1. Hi B! Nice writing!!

  2. I like how you designate things with circles. At first I thought it was some sort of formula or a greeting from an alien. BTW they stopped using the big box when the squirrels signed a piece treaty. At least that’s what I was told a long time ago.

    One more thing, Sammy’s Garden Cafe is nearly done. One more coat of green paint and the installation of the “fireman’s pole”, plus the guard rail and it’s done. No signage yet. Personally, I want a neon sign but it may not be in the budget.

    Enjoy your tummy rubs Bailey.
    Cheers, Sammy

  3. If anyone would like to learn more about the radar tower and the history of Almaden Air Force Station, visit for a list of upcoming free history slide show presentations. Also, visit to learn about the efforts to save the iconic and historic radar tower.

    • “Arf! Many gentle humans find it amazing that I, a clever puppy, can write a blog. But gosh, to have an actual mountain comment on one of my posts is something really unique! Bark!! Thanks for your input, Mt. Umunhum!”

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