Flying with Amelia

I am wondering if you gentle humans have been following the story of Amelia Earhart? I have been. Oh, I don’t mean the Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937 while trying to fly around the world. I mean Amelia Rose Earhart who just landed in Oakland after tracing the first Amelia’s flight all around the globe.

I’m jealous of her.  Bailey 010412 007I have always wanted to fly. Do remember this photo that I posted when I was trying to fly? You can see that I’m flapping my ears as hard as I can, but I just couldn’t generate enough lift to get very high off the ground. You can read my full post here:

Anyway, when I heard that Amelia Rose was going to fly I had to see how she would do it.  FlappingHere is a picture of her, on the runway, flapping her arms to take off. I’m not sure … I don’t know … I just don’t see how she could get enough lift to overcome the Earth’s gravi

Oh,  I see. Dad is reading over my shoulder and he told me that she flew in an airplane.  CockpitThat’s different! Amelia piloted a single-engine Pilatus PC-12 more than 24,000 nautical miles, making 17 stops along the way. That’s a long way to go!

Wow, look at all those instruments in the cockpit! When dad flew in the Air Force he navigated over the oceans using something called “dead reckoning” and celestial navigation. Instead Amelia and her co-pilot used GPS. I’m not sure, but I think that stands for “Good Puppy Sit”. HowlandI don’t know how that would help her, but it must have. She was able to find islands in the Pacific Ocean like this one. It is Howland Island, the place where the first Amelia Earhart was headed when she because lost. It looks like a pretty small piece of land, in a very large ocean.

Amelia didn’t travel alone. As I mentioned, she had a co-pilot. She also had a puppy on board her plane!  BuddyWell, a puppy of sorts. Here is Buddy performing a pre-flight check during their stop at São Tomé. Now I’m really jealous!  If I can’t fly by myself, I can at least fly inside an airplane!

Just like Buddy!

Well, anyway, as I said I have been following her trip around the globe and am glad that she is safely back. Congratulations, Amelia, and welcome home! But next time, can I come along?  




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