Poll Position

Dad took one of those online polls.  Late Summer 024You know, the ones that ask silly questions like, “How much of a Doctor Who fan are you?” or “Are you Northern California or Southern California?”  You know what I mean … the polls that are a complete waste of time.

Yessir-ree-pup, he took one of those polls.  He took a poll called “How Much do you Like Dogs?”  Why he did this I will never know.  I could have given him that answer.  But he took it anyway, and he didn’t do as well as he might have thought.  Here is his score:

PollThat’s right, he only got a 97%!!  That is really driving him crazy.  He is trying to figure out what questions he might have missed to be lower than 100%.

Question number one was “How many dogs do you own?”  Now, maybe he lost points on that one because he only has one dog, but hey, he has ME!  The Clever Pup!  Why would he want any more?  So he certainly shouldn’t be downgraded for his response on this question!

Maybe he lost points on whether he would still eat his food after I licked it.  He replied, “Only if I’m really hungry.”  Root beerHonestly, now dad, what is wrong with my licking your food?  After all, we shared a root beer popsicle once, remember?

Those are the only two questions which might have led to his poor performance on this poll.  Still, he did do better than his Disney friend Julie who only got a miserable 96%!  And, I have this to say to Julie:  Yes, dad and I have indeed licked each others’ tongues!

Gentle humans, if you are interested in taking this quiz, here is the link:


Please let me know how well YOU did in the comments below.



6 responses to “Poll Position

  1. Kathy - Bailey's Mom

    Hee-hee ! I got 99% !

    • Arf! Hey, mom, that means I can eat food off of your plate and you won’t even mind! That’s terrific … what are you cooking for dinner??!! Bark!!”

  2. I only got 96%….I’m so sorry, but I must admit I’m not a fan of the licking of the face. It’s not the worst thing ever, but I prefer to skip that particular showing of love. However, I gladly will kiss the top of your head when I meet you!!! ❤

  3. 97%… I had to answer “only if I’m really hungry” too! 😉

  4. Dear Bailey,
    I hope you don’t hold it against my human, but she scored very poorly on the dog questionnaire. It was under 50. She doesn’t go for that kissing stuff. She sure doesn’t kiss me. I hesitate to mention, she likes kitty kats. As a matter of fact, Angel Kim spent the weekend with us. He spent most of his time watching the activities at Sammy’s Cafe. I hope you are okay with all of this. I like dogs but I draw the line at french kissing.

    I’ll write again another time.
    SAMMY jr

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