Channeling Morris

5Many of you gentle readers will remember TV commercials featuring Morris the Purry-thing.  Morris was always picky about what he ate, and his owners had to buy a special kind of food or he wouldn’t eat.

1Well, I’m here to say that we puppies can be finicky eaters also!  There are times when I look at my dog kibble and wonder why I am not getting a gourmet meal of fillet and lobster, or prime rib, or fried chicken.  After all, don’t I deserve the best?

2But no, it’s the same ol’ thing every night.  And sometimes — many times — I get tired of it.  I refuse to eat another bite of the same gruel.

Mom and dad have finally given in and often will add something to my meal to make it more appetizing.  Sometimes I have had juice from a steak, or better yet, some actual pieces of the meat itself.  3Shredded cheese is one of my favorites, as is chicken, fish, or even bacon!

They usually have a can of wet dog food around and will spice up my meal with a bit of this on the side.  It usually works … with this additional garnish my entree tastes better.

4Once I get eating I can’t stop, and I finish my food, get a drink of water, and am ready to go outside and play.  Or go over to my bed and sleep.  Whatever I do, I will do as a happy puppy with my appetite sated.

But maybe, just maybe, next time I can have a full slab of prime rib.  



One response to “Channeling Morris

  1. You are a pup after my own heart, Bailey!! Here’s hoping for a slab of meat!!!

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