It’s today!

I remember lots of different days as I have been growing up. I remember the days playing with my brothers and sisters in the yard.  Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 001aThere were a lot of us, and now I have forgotten how many of us puppies there were.  But we had fun every day, running and jumping on each other, eating together as a family, and more running. Every day was pretty much the same.

And I remember  Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018aa certain day, a long time ago. Yes, remember that day very well.  That was the day that mom and dad came to take me to my new home. They came to our yard and I chose dad as my gentle human. I left my brothers and sisters and came to live in San Martin, with mom, dad, and the purry-things.

I remember the day when I first met Melanie. Lyric Caroling 12-11-11 009aShe was smaller, and at first a little shy, but soon she began to like me and we had fun together. We would run, and play tug-a-thing, and splash in the pool.

Then there was that day when I made friends with the purry-thing who lives in the backyard. Bailey - more June 19, 2012  003He is my buddy. We do lots of things together when I am in the backyard. I will even share my food with him.

I remember that day when we went on our first walk at the park, the one that has become my favorite where dad and I often go to climb the mountain and chase the squirrels.  photo (13)Well, actually, dad doesn’t chase the squirrels. He leaves that for me to do. I’ve had many days there, but I remember that first one.

Of course, there were some days that were not so nice. I remember the day when mom and dad found out that I was very sick and had to to go to the vet, and stay overnight for a few days to recover. B and K vetI remember the day that I sat in the vet’s office, wondering what would happen next.

That was a very worrisome day.  But luckily, it was only one day. The vet took care of me and now I am healthy and fine and happy.

Yes, there are lots of days that I remember, and all of them are very special to me. But none of them are as special as today.

Bailey's 1st Birthday 7-31-2012 007Because it’s today.

Today is the day!

Today I celebrate being me, and celebrate being with my family.

Today is my birthday!  I’m now twenty-one! (Oh, that’s three in your gentle human years.)

Happy Birthday to me!



8 responses to “Twenty-one

  1. Happy Birthday Bailey! The world is a better place because you are here….let’s celebrate!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Bailey!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bailey! All grown up.

  4. Happy birthday Bailey!

  5. Happy Birthday to the ever adorable Bailey

  6. Does Bailey get Irish Cream on his birthday then since it is 21?

  7. Happiness abounds when you are around. Enjoy this day and many more. Sammy

  8. Feliz Cumpleanos Bailey!

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