The Acting Bug

Mom and dad are in another stage musical. Well, mom is, anyway. Dad is working backstage. The show is called Oliver! and it just opened last night. I hear that the first performance went very well; that audience loved it and they barked and jumped and clapped their paws …  I’m kidding, of course. They didn’t let puppies in to see the show.

I think that they should let dogs in to see these musicals! In fact, they should let us perform on stage! BasketWell, sometimes they do. Remember when they did Annie? A dog got to play the role of “Sandy”. And you remember when I wanted to audition for The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I would have made a great “Toto” but I couldn’t fit into the basket. Here is my post on that subject:

Yessir-ree pup, Oliver 1I think they should let me be onstage for Oliver! I could do a great job!  For example, here is the opening scene with Melanie and the orphans. Can you picture me in the role of Oliver? I could hold my bowl and say, “Arf, sir. I want some more! Arf! Arf!” And, if he doesn’t give me any more, then I could bite his leg!

Or maybe I could be in the Sowerberry Funeral Parlor scene with mom. Oliver 2Imagine me helping to find a hat to fit Oliver. I could make that a really funny scene! Maybe, after mom tries the hat on Oliver, she would give it to me and I could chew it up!

That would be a wonderful scene.  I know the audience would laugh and love it!

Well, the show just opened and it runs for four more weekends. There is still time for me to get into the action. Do you think I can? Do you think I should!?

Arf!  So do I!

If you are interested in seeing the show, and seeing if I indeed can get into the cast at the last minute, here is the website for more information:

And if you do go, please give me a standing ovation. And dog treats! After all, I want some more!



3 responses to “The Acting Bug

  1. Bailey should be on stage! I’m sure he’s a natural .
    Can’t wait to see the show!!

  2. I vote for Bailey joining the cast. He could also steal Fagins boys sausages and wear the nose rags as a colorful bandana

  3. We could rename a few songs: “Be Bark Soon” “It’s A Dog’s Life” “Who Will Bark?” And “Oom Arf Arf” Bailey would be an Arf-able addition to our Oliver family!

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