No Ghost Writer

“When the dad’s away, the pup will play!” Bailey's new toy 1-8-2012 011

Hello again, gentle humans. How many of you have every heard that famous quote (above)? What? You mean that you have NEVER heard that one?! You say it isn’t famous?

Well, it should be!!

Anyway, dad was gone this week and just got home a couple of days ago. He was away visiting someone named Ann Arbor. (Hmm, I wonder if mom knows about her??) He was gone for the whole week, and I was sad. Ann ArborI moped around the house a lot, waiting for him to get home. Sometimes I lay at the top of the stairs,  chewing on some twine from the hay bales, and sometimes I lay at the bottom of the stairs, by the door, waiting for him to walk in.

He would call home every night, but mom never let him talk to me. I think that she was afraid that I’d lick the phone and get it all slobbery with doggie saliva.

But, at least with dad being away, it gives me a good opportunity to dispel a myth that many of you gentle humans have:

The myth that dad really writes these blogs for me!

Bailey back home 8-11-2012I don’t see how anyone can think that. I mean, I am the clever pup. I am the one with all the great ideas! I am the one who can write. Dad has often said that he wishes he could write half as well as I do!

So, just to prove that he doesn’t write these, while he was away you will notice that I posted another entry!  Yessir-ree pup, I – the clever puppy – posted a blog entry without my dad being home!

So that should prove to you that it is I and not he that writes these blogs.

Of course, now that the truth is out, it might hurt dad’s feelings that you know the facts. So, the next time you see him, say something nice to cheer him up.

Maybe you can give him a dog bone.



2 responses to “No Ghost Writer

  1. He writes the blogs that make the whole world sing,
    He writes the blogs about the purry things,
    He writes the blogs about sticks and logs,
    He writes the blogs. He writes the blogs.
    Never doubted it was YOU writing the clever blogs Bailey! Go speed!!

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