What’s Your Sign?

I am not a follower of astrology. When one of you gentle humans asks me what my sign is, I usually just sit there with my tail wagging, politely waiting for a doggie treat or a pat on the head.

iPhone 023All I know about signs is that they are usually bad.

For example, there is this one that discriminates against clever pups. What have they got against dogs, and why won’t they let us play?

1-11 015And there’s this one which says that we have to be restrained at all times. Dogs like to roam free, to explore, to discover, to chase squirrels.

Instead, we have to be tethered like some sort of wild animal.

You never see a sign that says purry-things need to be on a leash, do you? But I know you all agree that purry-things can be more vicious than us polite pups.

However, I did find a sign that speaks to me. sign2No, really, it does. The good gentle humans in North Vancouver have these signs that are bilingual, written words that both you gentle humans and we clever pups can read.

It is very considerate of them. I think that I will have to go to that place and thank them myself.

And, maybe when I do, they will give me a doggie treat and a pat on the head.

“Grrrrr, bark, woof!”


3 responses to “What’s Your Sign?

  1. Bailey: Hahahahahahaha – woof, woof, pant, pant.

  2. Hi Bailey
    Next time you go out, take me along. I’d like to chase a few purry- things myself. I think the two of us “paling” around would be quite a sight. Have you ever looked at YouTube clips with unusual pairings of animals? Have your Dad show you. Really cute.
    Let’s make plans for an outing in the autumn. My fur coloring is a great camouflage at that time.
    Woof, woof till we meet again. Sammy Jr.

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