Big Bird

Have you seen the movie Up?? It’s the one where the old man flies away in a house carried by zillions of helium balloons. DugDo you know that one? Most of mom and dad’s friends love that movie, although they themselves are more lukewarm about it. I must admit that I like the movie. I particularly like two of the actors, Dug and Kevin.

Dug is the golden retriever in the movie. That’s what makes this a great film … every movie needs a golden retriever! It is a given. Enough woofed.

In today’s post, however, I really want to talk about Kevin. iPhone 8_31_13 005You see, we had a real-life encounter with Kevin. One day mom went outside to get into her car, when suddenly she saw something big — and alive — on her car! It was a huge bird. Dad (the zoologist) said that it was a pea hen, a female of the pea fowl type that most gentle humans simple call peacocks. Whatever.

This bird was big, and it was messy. 020One of their friends (it might have been Amy, or Kiersten) called it “Kevin” after the bird in the movie. And Kevin stuck. And stuck around. She liked the front yard, she liked the lawn, and she especially liked the cars. She was always sitting on them, walking on them, making a mess on them.

Mom and dad didn’t know what to do, or what to think. I’m pretty sure, however, that they didn’t like all the messes.

I guess the main reason why Kevin stayed was that she liked the menu. 012You see, she loved the kibble that mom puts outside for the feral purry-things. There are about eight of these purry-things who live in the yard, and they must have been broken because mom keeps taking them in to be fixed. Anyway, everyday mom will feed them, and it turns out that Kevin liked the purry-thing’s food. The purries weren’t quite sure what to think at first, but since they don’t think much anyway everyone seemed to get along quite well.

But one day, after about 3 months, it rained, and Kevin left. She took off, vanished. KevinMom and dad don’t know where she went, and she never came back. I actually missed her … it was fun to run outside and chase her around and hear her make funny noises. So mom bought me a replacement Kevin … one that looks like the one in the movie.

I was not satisfied with this plushy Kevin. I miss the real thing.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen the move and are wondering, Kevin in the movie — just like our Kevin — were females.


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