Forget the Cracker Jack


1The baseball season is getting exciting. The A’s are still the best team in the league, but they are starting to show signs of wearing down. They are getting tired, in need of some fresh blood to revitalize them. They are in need of The Clever Puppy.

Remember a couple of years ago when the Giants were on their way to winning the World Series? At that time I knew they would need some extra power at the plate to survive the stretch drive, so I started practicing my swing.  I posted about it here:

So, in order to get ready to help the A’s, dad and I went over to the ball field to get in some practice running the base paths. 2Of course, we had to start at home plate, and I was ready to go. As I circled the bases I imagined that I had just hit a long drive to the wall and was racing around with the winning run. 4Could I stretch that hit into an inside-the-park home run? Of course I could! After all, who can run faster than me? Nobody! Remember, I am speed!

Along the way, however, I had to practice sliding into second base. 5That was fun! Dad tried to pretend that he was the shortstop going to tag me out, but he wasn’t fast enough. I easily beat his tag and was SAFE!

After that I got up and kept running, and crossed home plate ahead of the throw from the outfield with the winning run!  3Yay! Our team wins again!

That was a great outing. I proved to the scouts who were watching that I was ready to play. Now I just have to wait until September to see if I get called up to the Big Leagues!

Puppy Up!

* By the way, I know that “night”, the final word in the song at the top of this post, doesn’t really rhyme with “bites”, but hey! It is just as good as the poor rhyming in the original song! Don’t believe me?  Look it up!




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