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A Moooving Experience

Hello, gentle humans. A couple of days ago I wrote about different kinds of humans, remember? And I said that some were like the cows that we walked past on out hikes up the mountain, who looked at me 007 (2)but never came closer to get to know me?

Well, that’s not true of ALL cows. There are the small ones – I think they called cowlets, just like piglets or boarlets – anyway, they have a curiosity about them that they lose when they grow older, probably because of all the cud-chewing.

One day we saw a bunch of these cowlets on our hike, and they saw me. And the different thing was … they actually came over to 008 (2)say “Hi.” It was very fun … they got as close to me as they could. And I knew it was me that they wanted to see, because when I moved, they followed. (Dad would say that they “moo0ved” but I won’t resort to such a silly pun.)

The one with the white face was the bravest. He was the first to move towards me, and he would come the closest. The others would follow him. I guess you could say that he was the leader, and they were the sheep.

But they’re not. They’re cowlets.

Finally it was time to keep going. I barked a “Good bye” but they just stood there. Just stood there, looking at me, then going back to chew some more cud.


A Squeaky Birthday

I went shopping for a birthday present last week. OliverIt was for a pretty special birthday … this gentle human turned 10 years old! That’s pretty darn old!

Oh, you don’t think so? 

I’m talking about dog years … that would be 70 for you gentle humans! (And don’t make the mistake of getting the formula backwards … this friend did not turn 490!!)

Here she is, on the right in green, when we went to see Oliver! this past month.

Anyway, this friend lives with Sammy the Squirrel, who reads my blog and sometimes leaves comments. SammyActually, Sammy doesn’t live with her, but rather he lives in the park next door, and comes to her backyard for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

He even has his own special cafe for his food. Now that is pretty neat. Sammy's HouseAll I have is a dog dish.

She actually feeds about 10 squirrels in her backyard, and they all have names. I wish I could go visit her … I’d love to chase all those squirrels. Oh, what fun I’d have! But she might not like my chasing her “pets” … so maybe I’d better behave myself.

Anyway, it was her birthday, and I decided to go shopping for a present for her. shoppingI got dad to take me to the store, and I walked up one aisle and down another. I saw lots of other pups and their gentle owners, and they all came over to pet me and tell me what a good dog I was.

I guess that we can all tell what type of gentle human they were!

Finally I found the aisle with the squeaky toys! There were lots and LOTS of them to choose from! How could I ever decide what was the best present?

Actually, SquirrelI knew right away. It was what I had decided on before even entering the store. Yes, you are right … I chose a squeaky squirrel!

You can see it here, in this photo, right about the squeaky duck.

When I brought it home and showed it to mom, she immediately had to try out the squeaker (that’s just the way she is). It made a lovely squeaky noise!

Just right for a 10th birthday present, don’t you think?

There was only one problem … I wasn’t invited to the party! Only mom and dad went, so they had to bring the present for me. After all that work, choosing the right gift, and then I didn’t even get to go.

Oh well, maybe next time. Next year she’ll be 11!

Dog Week!

Dog Week2

Yes, gentle humans, it is once again National Dog Week. It is celebrated every year during the last full week of September. You don’t believe me? Look it up … get on the internet and Doggle it!

photoToday’s Peanuts comic strip reminds me that there are basically three types of gentle humans that I run into during my walks. The first are the ones who move to the far side of the sidewalk or trail and avoid looking at me. It’s as if they are afraid of me or something. How could anyone fear this happy, clever puppy?

Maybe these gentle humans think that they are squirrels, who always run away when they see me coming! Yes, that must be it!

644The second type are the ones who will look at me and say something like, “Nice doggie.” They, at least, acknowledge that I am  there, and might even appreciate what a good-looking pup I am, but that is all they do. They are like the cows that we will often pass, who look up at watch me, but who don’t have any real desire to get any closer and find out who I really am.

Finally, there is the third type. These are the gentle humans who will stop when they see me, put their hand out and rub my head. A Kennel2These are the ones who really love us pups! These are real dog people, and they’re the best!

Who knows … I might even get a belly rub!

I am sure that is gentle humans of this third type who came up with the idea of “National Dog Week.” What a great idea.

Oh, but getting back to that comic at the top of this post … I guess that there really is a fourth kind of gentle human, the “not-so-gentle” ones. We’ll just ignore those. In fact, forget that I ever mentioned them.

So … what kind of gentle human are YOU??

Walk ‘n Wag for Pets!

Arf! Arf! Hello, gentle and caring humans! Today I want to tell you about a special event in which I will be a participant.


Leash 1I will be walking with my dad in the “Walk ‘n Wag” to support the Humane Society Silicon Valley.  Dad’s company BD Biosciences is forming a team called “The Hounds of BD” and we will be a part of it! I am really looking forward to this. In addition to being fun and walking (running!!) with all the other dogs, it’ll be an opportunity to support the Humane Society. That’s where they care for animals in need of medical care, give them a place to heal and be loved, and time to find a permanent, loving home.

Although I did not stay at the Humane Society, that is the place where mom and dad got their previous golden retriever, Chivas Regal. I hear that he was a wonderful and adogable pup … I wish I could have met him.

From iPhone 079So the funds that I raise through my participation — and your support — will help make the dream of joining a family a reality for pets in Silicon Valley and beyond. Pets like Chivas. (Mom and dad called him “Chevy” for short”).

And it is not just us clever and loving pups. Mom and dad have also found several purry-things there, like Molly and Gurgi, for example. So you see, they help all kinds of pets, even the hissy – scratchy ones.

Please help me raise funds for this wonderful place. You can donate on my special webpage at:

Thank you! Bark! Bark!

A Boaring Hike

You gentle humans probably know that you can learn a lot from the internet. For example, I recently read about boars on Wikipupia. Did you know that in ancient times the boar was sovereign of the forest.  Because it was a ferocious beast and menace to gentle humans it was hunted as a public enemy.

I was researching boars because dad and I saw a bunch of them on our recent hike up the mountain. 013 (2)We went all the way to the top on a very foggy morning to look at the reservoir on the other side. You know that we are experiencing a drought here and dad wanted to see how low the water level was.

It was a long climb up the hill, and by the time we got there it was so foggy that we could barely see the lake below us. We could tell that there was still water in it, but couldn’t really gauge how low it was.

So we headed back down the mountain.

And that’s when we saw the boars. 014Actually, I heard them first. I suddenly heard this rustling in the brush, just off the trail. Dad told me that it was just the sound of the mountain bikers struggling up the hill just below us, but I knew better. There was something there.

Then we saw them … a family of boars. There were two huge ones, maybe the mom and dad, and there were four babies! Dad tried to get a picture of them but by the time he got his phone out of his pocket they had moved further away from the trail, down the hill and out of sight.

So when I got home I got onto the internet and researched boars. That’s when I found out that they were a menace to humans. Dad said that it’s a good thing I was on a leash. I replied that I wanted to chase them. Dad repeated the leash thing.

The baby boars, however, didn’t look like a fierce danger. 017 (2)They looked kinda of cute. Here are some pictures from the internet. The ones we saw looked just like this. Does this look mean and ferocious to you?

Is this Public Enemy #ONE?

It looks pretty innocent to me.

However, those adult boars didn’t look so friendly and cuddly. 016 (2)In fact, I could see where they would be trouble, even for a clever pup like me. We watched them as they moved further down the hill. Dad told me it was a good thing they wanted to keep their distance. I knew that they were moving away because they respected the ferocious pup on the end of the leash. “Grrrrr!”

When we got home we told mom all about our encounter with the boars and the babies. She told me that the young are called “piglets” but that can’t be right. These are boars, not pigs. Shouldn’t they be called “boarlets”??

What do YOU think?