A Boaring Hike

You gentle humans probably know that you can learn a lot from the internet. For example, I recently read about boars on Wikipupia. Did you know that in ancient times the boar was sovereign of the forest.  Because it was a ferocious beast and menace to gentle humans it was hunted as a public enemy.

I was researching boars because dad and I saw a bunch of them on our recent hike up the mountain. 013 (2)We went all the way to the top on a very foggy morning to look at the reservoir on the other side. You know that we are experiencing a drought here and dad wanted to see how low the water level was.

It was a long climb up the hill, and by the time we got there it was so foggy that we could barely see the lake below us. We could tell that there was still water in it, but couldn’t really gauge how low it was.

So we headed back down the mountain.

And that’s when we saw the boars. 014Actually, I heard them first. I suddenly heard this rustling in the brush, just off the trail. Dad told me that it was just the sound of the mountain bikers struggling up the hill just below us, but I knew better. There was something there.

Then we saw them … a family of boars. There were two huge ones, maybe the mom and dad, and there were four babies! Dad tried to get a picture of them but by the time he got his phone out of his pocket they had moved further away from the trail, down the hill and out of sight.

So when I got home I got onto the internet and researched boars. That’s when I found out that they were a menace to humans. Dad said that it’s a good thing I was on a leash. I replied that I wanted to chase them. Dad repeated the leash thing.

The baby boars, however, didn’t look like a fierce danger. 017 (2)They looked kinda of cute. Here are some pictures from the internet. The ones we saw looked just like this. Does this look mean and ferocious to you?

Is this Public Enemy #ONE?

It looks pretty innocent to me.

However, those adult boars didn’t look so friendly and cuddly. 016 (2)In fact, I could see where they would be trouble, even for a clever pup like me. We watched them as they moved further down the hill. Dad told me it was a good thing they wanted to keep their distance. I knew that they were moving away because they respected the ferocious pup on the end of the leash. “Grrrrr!”

When we got home we told mom all about our encounter with the boars and the babies. She told me that the young are called “piglets” but that can’t be right. These are boars, not pigs. Shouldn’t they be called “boarlets”??

What do YOU think?


2 responses to “A Boaring Hike

  1. Hi there. Did you see the picture of the house named Bailey? Ask your Dad to show it to you. Did you fet a look at the noses on those “boarlets”. Kind of cute., but they will never be as good looking as you! Have fun hikes but watch your steps. I’m glad you got out and about with your Grandpa. Remember to show him proper respect. Claudine

  2. Ops I meant horse!!!

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