Dog Week!

Dog Week2

Yes, gentle humans, it is once again National Dog Week. It is celebrated every year during the last full week of September. You don’t believe me? Look it up … get on the internet and Doggle it!

photoToday’s Peanuts comic strip reminds me that there are basically three types of gentle humans that I run into during my walks. The first are the ones who move to the far side of the sidewalk or trail and avoid looking at me. It’s as if they are afraid of me or something. How could anyone fear this happy, clever puppy?

Maybe these gentle humans think that they are squirrels, who always run away when they see me coming! Yes, that must be it!

644The second type are the ones who will look at me and say something like, “Nice doggie.” They, at least, acknowledge that I am  there, and might even appreciate what a good-looking pup I am, but that is all they do. They are like the cows that we will often pass, who look up at watch me, but who don’t have any real desire to get any closer and find out who I really am.

Finally, there is the third type. These are the gentle humans who will stop when they see me, put their hand out and rub my head. A Kennel2These are the ones who really love us pups! These are real dog people, and they’re the best!

Who knows … I might even get a belly rub!

I am sure that is gentle humans of this third type who came up with the idea of “National Dog Week.” What a great idea.

Oh, but getting back to that comic at the top of this post … I guess that there really is a fourth kind of gentle human, the “not-so-gentle” ones. We’ll just ignore those. In fact, forget that I ever mentioned them.

So … what kind of gentle human are YOU??


2 responses to “Dog Week!

  1. I am a Dog Person!! I even celebrate my birthday during National Dog Week! I always want to stop and meet dogs that I see out and about.

    • Bark! Bark! Yes, Julie, I know that YOU are one of the Gentle Dog Humans! Even though we’ve never met in person, I just know that you want to rub me, and pet me, and give me treats. Would you even let me lick your face, huh?
      – Bailey

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