A Squeaky Birthday

I went shopping for a birthday present last week. OliverIt was for a pretty special birthday … this gentle human turned 10 years old! That’s pretty darn old!

Oh, you don’t think so? 

I’m talking about dog years … that would be 70 for you gentle humans! (And don’t make the mistake of getting the formula backwards … this friend did not turn 490!!)

Here she is, on the right in green, when we went to see Oliver! this past month.

Anyway, this friend lives with Sammy the Squirrel, who reads my blog and sometimes leaves comments. SammyActually, Sammy doesn’t live with her, but rather he lives in the park next door, and comes to her backyard for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.

He even has his own special cafe for his food. Now that is pretty neat. Sammy's HouseAll I have is a dog dish.

She actually feeds about 10 squirrels in her backyard, and they all have names. I wish I could go visit her … I’d love to chase all those squirrels. Oh, what fun I’d have! But she might not like my chasing her “pets” … so maybe I’d better behave myself.

Anyway, it was her birthday, and I decided to go shopping for a present for her. shoppingI got dad to take me to the store, and I walked up one aisle and down another. I saw lots of other pups and their gentle owners, and they all came over to pet me and tell me what a good dog I was.

I guess that we can all tell what type of gentle human they were!

Finally I found the aisle with the squeaky toys! There were lots and LOTS of them to choose from! How could I ever decide what was the best present?

Actually, SquirrelI knew right away. It was what I had decided on before even entering the store. Yes, you are right … I chose a squeaky squirrel!

You can see it here, in this photo, right about the squeaky duck.

When I brought it home and showed it to mom, she immediately had to try out the squeaker (that’s just the way she is). It made a lovely squeaky noise!

Just right for a 10th birthday present, don’t you think?

There was only one problem … I wasn’t invited to the party! Only mom and dad went, so they had to bring the present for me. After all that work, choosing the right gift, and then I didn’t even get to go.

Oh well, maybe next time. Next year she’ll be 11!


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