A Moooving Experience

Hello, gentle humans. A couple of days ago I wrote about different kinds of humans, remember? And I said that some were like the cows that we walked past on out hikes up the mountain, who looked at me 007 (2)but never came closer to get to know me?

Well, that’s not true of ALL cows. There are the small ones – I think they called cowlets, just like piglets or boarlets – anyway, they have a curiosity about them that they lose when they grow older, probably because of all the cud-chewing.

One day we saw a bunch of these cowlets on our hike, and they saw me. And the different thing was … they actually came over to 008 (2)say “Hi.” It was very fun … they got as close to me as they could. And I knew it was me that they wanted to see, because when I moved, they followed. (Dad would say that they “moo0ved” but I won’t resort to such a silly pun.)

The one with the white face was the bravest. He was the first to move towards me, and he would come the closest. The others would follow him. I guess you could say that he was the leader, and they were the sheep.

But they’re not. They’re cowlets.

Finally it was time to keep going. I barked a “Good bye” but they just stood there. Just stood there, looking at me, then going back to chew some more cud.


One response to “A Moooving Experience

  1. Hi Mr. B,

    The white faced cowlet is very cute. A big floppy straw hat with flowers on the brim would look stunning.

    BTW were they boy or girl cowlets?

    The only strange visitor I get here is a Cooper’s Hawk and I don’t stick around to be friendly. He wants to eat me.

    Take care your Mom and Dad will be home soon from the Islands.

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