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Walked and Wagged

Arf! Hello, gentle humans. Walk_and_WagIt is I, the clever pup. Today I want to talk about the “Walk ‘n Wag” … remember, that is special event to help the Humane Society Silicon Valley that I told you about a few weeks ago?  In response to that blog post many of you very special gentle humans donated bones, I mean money, and dad raised a lot to support the HSSV. I want to give each of you a big, slurpy, thank you kiss from me!

012Yesterday was the day of the event, and I was there early with mom and dad. Each of us puppies got to wear a special scarf and there were two very nice volunteers who help me put it on.

I felt very special wearing that scarf. It made look dapper. It made me feel important. It told everybody that I was a clever and charitable pup!

Well, after thanking those girls for helping me there was still time to walk around and see who else was there. 017We found Munchie and her gentle humans Amy and Ryan. We (Munchie and I, that is) took some time to get acquainted and talk about the things that we dogs find important, such as yummy dog treats, chasing squirrels, and the decreasing size of the arctic icepack.

Nikki came, too, and I was very glad to see her! I was very excited because she was there, and because there were all these new smells, and because there were lots of us puppies!

029Then it was time to get ready for the walk. 

The gentle human who was talking on the microphone made the announcement to go to the starting line, and all us dogs and our gentle owners started moving in that direction.

It was quite a crowd of dogmanity! And we all had one goal in mind … to make through this 5K course on a very hot day without getting tired!

021Off we went! I was eager to go. I wanted to show everydog that I was not going to get tired!

There were dogs of all sizes. There were tiny dogs, and there were huge dogs. There were other golden retrievers and shepherds and pugs. Nikki even saw a dog that she particularly liked. It was a mini Husky. Cute little dog. I wonder if they had a miniature sled for her to pull?

025After a while we got to the half-way point and we turned around to go back to the starting line. I wasn’t tired at all, and was raring to go back and finish this walk.

So back we went. The nice volunteers who were helping the event had lots of water stations for us, and for the gentle humans as well. At each station there were lots of dogs gathered around the dog dishes, drinking and talking. Talking about what we did last night, or about who was going to win the big game that day … you know, important things like that.

026It got hotter and hotter as we kept going. I was so far ahead of my gentle humans that I had to stop and wait for them to catch up.

Here I am in a nice shady spot, waiting for them. I wasn’t hot or tired. I was eager to keep going. But I had to wait for them, because I am a clever and caring pup.

And I didn’t want them to get too tired.

Finally we got to the end of the walk. 032And when we did, dad had to find a nice place to rest. So I stopped with him. It felt really good to walk all that way. It felt really good to raise all those bones to help the HSSV.

027When we finally got back home after that long and hot walk, mom gave me a new stuffed bear that she got at one of the booths at the event. I love it!

It is bright pink! It squeaks a lovely sound!

And it reminds me of this great event, and all the wonderful dog-lovers who worked on it, and of all you special gentle humans who made donations.

Arf!  And thank you!