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97 is an A+, right?

I went to visit with my vet last week. 004 Dr. Clark with Bailey 1-4-13I really like Dr. Clark. She is nice to me and takes really good care of me, ever since I was a little pup. And she always gives me a doggie treat when her examination is done.

So you can imagine my excitement when mom got out my leash and told me that we were going to visit her! I got very excited and started jumping up and down, and mom had trouble getting my leash on.

That’s how excited I was.

bailey vetBut I wasn’t the only one who was excited.  Hamilton came, too, and he was jazzed about getting into the car and going with me.  Maybe he thought that HE was going to get a doggie treat, too!

Well, Dr. Clark said that I looked like a very healthy dog, and that there was only one problem.  She said that I need to lose some weight.  From iPhone 014I now weigh 97 pounds and she said that is a little too much for me. So mom is supposed to start feeding me a low-calorie diet, and I am supposed to get more exercise. I guess that means more walks and more chasing sticks!

At the end of the visit, Dr. Clark still gave me a doggie treat.  But then Hamilton asked for one as well (I told you so!!). She finally did give him one, and guess what he did with it?

He fed it to me!  Mmmm, two treats! I like this diet!

And I will insist that Hamilton come along for my NEXT vet visit!


The Blustery Day

Blustery DayToday, gentle humans, I want to talk to you about a favorite story of mine. Maybe you know about it … I hope that you do, because it is a wonderful story that you should read. It is the story about Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. In this story there is a little breeze that … well, it is much more than a breeze, it’s a full-force hurricane-strength gale, that blows down a big tree in which there lived an owl.

12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 011We had such a windy day here last week. And we had (notice the use of the past tense)  such a tree in which there was – not an owl – but a squirrel. No, the squirrel didn’t actually live in the tree, but he often ran up that tree. Do you remember when I posted about that time I chased the squirrel?

Here is the link if you want to read it again:

This tree, on this particularly blustery day, did indeed fall over, just like the one in the story! The wind blew, the branches swayed, and CRASH! down it came!

Blustery1Luckily there was no damage to the house when it fell. No injuries to pups, either, and the squirrel was off somewhere else at the time. The tree just fell onto the lawn.

One pile … one HUGE pile … of  tree trunk, and tree branches, and tree limbs and tree twigs.

I saw it as one HUGE stick for me to fetch!

I ran over and immediately began to pull and tug and yank on this stick, this BIG stick!  Mom and dad thought that it was funny that I would try to carry off such a big stick, but I have always preferred the bigger ones.  And this was the biggest of all!

Blustery2Well, I tried and I tried to fetch that tree, but even I had to admit that it might be just a little too big, even for a clever dog like me. So I pulled off some nice, juicy branches and lay there next to the tree, chewing on them.

After all, that tree isn’t going anywhere, and it’ll still be there for me to chew on tomorrow.

Unless, of course, dad gets out his chain saw and starts cutting it up.

Cutting it up into pieces big enough for me to carry around!

Com’on, dad, let’s rev up that saw!

New Year’s Puppylution


Hello, gentle humans, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday. I sure did … I celebrated New Year’s Eve with a new puppy toy with a squeaker … and I squeaked it and squeaked it and …

But I have been getting comments and complaints that I haven’t written on the blog lately.  Some of you think that I might have withdrawn from the world, like Snoopy did in the comic above.

That’s silly. It doesn’t snow in this part of sunny California!

But back to the complaints. I’ve gotten comments like this, from Robin:

“Dear Bailey, there has been too long of a paws in your dog blog. You are missed, dear sir.”

And here is what Bill added:

“Too long a paws indeed, with nary a tail.”

2015So, for this New Year, I – Bailey the clever puppy – resolve to write at least one post every week.  I know, I know … if I do that then I may need to change the name of my blog.  But somehow, the “Weekly Bailey” just doesn’t have the same lyrical ring to it.

Anyway, I really do intend to do a better job of keeping you gentle humans informed about what is going on inside the head of this puppy!

I’ll even try to be as punny as Robin and Bill were!  It won’t be easy, however!