97 is an A+, right?

I went to visit with my vet last week. 004 Dr. Clark with Bailey 1-4-13I really like Dr. Clark. She is nice to me and takes really good care of me, ever since I was a little pup. And she always gives me a doggie treat when her examination is done.

So you can imagine my excitement when mom got out my leash and told me that we were going to visit her! I got very excited and started jumping up and down, and mom had trouble getting my leash on.

That’s how excited I was.

bailey vetBut I wasn’t the only one who was excited.  Hamilton came, too, and he was jazzed about getting into the car and going with me.  Maybe he thought that HE was going to get a doggie treat, too!

Well, Dr. Clark said that I looked like a very healthy dog, and that there was only one problem.  She said that I need to lose some weight.  From iPhone 014I now weigh 97 pounds and she said that is a little too much for me. So mom is supposed to start feeding me a low-calorie diet, and I am supposed to get more exercise. I guess that means more walks and more chasing sticks!

At the end of the visit, Dr. Clark still gave me a doggie treat.  But then Hamilton asked for one as well (I told you so!!). She finally did give him one, and guess what he did with it?

He fed it to me!  Mmmm, two treats! I like this diet!

And I will insist that Hamilton come along for my NEXT vet visit!


3 responses to “97 is an A+, right?

  1. It’s water weight from the atmospheric humidity in all that fur…

  2. Perfect in every way except for one? I’ll take that…. 🙂

  3. Keep us posted on your weight loss. The gang over here could do with some slimming down. I keep telling them it is not just their winter coat. Have a good time Bailey on your walks. Best regards, Sammy

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