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Rainy Day and Saturdays

The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.              – Robert Louis Stevenson

Dad told me that he read a lot poems by Stevenson when he was a boy. Poems about shadows, and swings, and this one, about rain. I mention it today because it is raining.

Bailey 010412 007
It is raining on horses and squirrels,
As well as the parched lawn and tree,
It rains on dad’s broken umbrella,
But worst it rains down on me!

So I stay inside most of the time.
2015I guess that I should appreciate the rain. After all, we need it, and it is much nicer to have the hills looking so lush and green.

And I like running and running, even if it is raining, but it can also be cold, and wet, and when I come inside I get dried off but I have to stay on my bed in my room until I am really dry and I can’t play and jump and …aaa

You get the picture.

I wish it was summer.  Nice and warm, and dry …

When is summer coming, dad?  Huh?


ComicWell, I guess it’s that time of year for you gentle humans again. The big day.

The Big Game.

DW3The game to see who can eat the most soup the fastest (actually, I prefer the Hungry Dog Beef Sirloin soup myself).

No, seriously, it’s time for the Big Game. But for most of you, those of you who really don’t know who is playing this year, the biggest excitement will be off the field.

Off the field and on the the TV screens where the real action will take place … the commercials! And which commercials will be the best? budweiser-puppy-loveWhy, all the clever ones which have dogs in them, of course!

For example, after watching this adorable puppy in this commercial, all you easily-swayed gentle humans will go out and buy whatever they are selling. In this case, they are advertising for big horses. Don’t you need one of those in your backyard?

PuppyBowlAnd, if the commercials don’t give you a big enough puppy fix, then there is always the Puppy Bowl!

Yes, the Puppy Bowl featuring dogs of all breeds and sizes, running around getting to know each other, playing and jumping without any real apparent goal in mind.

HedgehogAnd you gentle humans will watch this. Because you can never get too much of a good thing.

And in this case, the good thing is a puppy!

And hedgehog cheerleaders (I had to include this picture for Nikki, who – for some reason – really likes these spiked animals).

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 026But if you insist that the big game includes a ball, then I say “Go For It!” Go out and get a ball and throw it to your puppy.

And let him deflate it. That, after all, seems to be the secret to winning the game!