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A Bedtime Lesson

Sometimes life can be rough for a gentle, sweet, loving puppy.

Hello, gentle humans. Today I want to talk about a difficult subject, a subject that isn’t so happy. Today I want to talk about others taking what isn’t theirs.

For example, Skye’s human is a friend of my dad’s. Skye and LouIn this photo you can see a picture of Skye, and Skye’s bed. The problem is: That isn’t Skye who is lying on her bed. Instead, it is Lou, who knew that it wasn’t his bed but decided to lay on it anyway. And so what does that leave for Skye?

Right.  No bed.

This seems to be a big problem. A growing problem. And it hits very close to home.

In fact, it’s not even close … it IS in my home.

You can see that even I, this clever and sharing puppy, can be victimized. pup 066Yes, gentle humans, I also lost my bed to an unwanted interloper.

It had been a hard day, a very exciting and busy day, full of running and jumping and playing with sticks.  Dad and I even took another long hike up the mountain.

It was a wonderful day, and by the end I was one very exhausted puppy.

I couldn’t wait to go inside and get a nice, big drink and then settle down on my bed.

But when I got to the bed, I found that it was occupied. Taken. By someone who wasn’t going to give it up.

And where did that leave me?

Right. No bed.

Don’t get me wrong, gentle humans. 327I don’t mind sharing my bed with others. But sharing means that we both get a piece of it. Sharing means we take turns. Sharing means that we both get to sleep on the bed.

Sharing is so much nicer.

So I hope, gentle humans, that you have learned a lesson here today. Are you willing to share? Will you share YOUR bed with YOUR puppy?


Day of the Puppies

Hello, gentle humans. Did you know what yesterday was? Many of you do, because I saw your posts on Facebook (I was reading over dad’s shoulder). Many of you posted pictures of cute puppies, Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018abecause yesterday was Happy Puppy Day!

Here is a picture of yours truly when I was just a little pup. In fact, this was the very day that I chose mom and dad to be my people. In case you haven’t read my earliest posts, or maybe you’ve just forgotten, but they came to visit my brothers and me, and were overwhelmed by all the puppy-mania running around the yard, and couldn’t decide which one they liked best, so I helped out by choosing them! Once they saw how cute and adorable I was they couldn’t resist.

Today, of course, I am a much bigger dog, but some of you say that I’m just a big puppy. True, I still do like to run and jump and play like a puppy, but I am now one of the Big Dogs. If you want to see a puppy, you should photo+1see what Melanie got recently … not only is this a puppy, but it is a LITTLE puppy!

When this little pup came to their house, she told me that it was very small, and very cute, and very noisy! I can imagine, because it probably missed its mom and family very much. But I think that it has gotten used to living with them.

They call it Hobbit.

I guess that the name fits, because just like the hobbits in the books this guy is always going to be smaller than us Big Dogs. I can wait until I can go over and meet him. Can you imagine what that will look like??!

photo+2Oh, and speaking of new arrivals, this fellow just showed up a few days ago in our neighbor’s yard. He is about my size … maybe just a little bigger. I can’t decide if he is another dog. He doesn’t sound like a dog, or smell like a dog, but he is much MUCH smaller than the horses in my yard.

He has fuzzy toes, too. Maybe he is a hobbit?

I think I’ll bring him a doggie treat and welcome him to the neighborhood. Maybe even wish him a belated Happy Puppy Day!