Working Dogs

You know that we dogs are “Gentle Human’s Best Friend”, loving, loyal, and playful. You don’t often think of us as hard-working, and when you do you think first of police dogs and sheep dogs. But we can do all sorts of other things to help you humans. For example, we make excellent protection dogs.

Protection from, perhaps, that nasty, noisy menace that plagues many ponds and lakes.

Protection from geese.

This is Sally, a geese protection pup. Sally1She is hired by companies who want to discourage geese from moving into their ponds. After all, most of you humans know that geese can be very (VERY) messy, and no one cleans up after them with a little scoop and plastic bag.

And geese can be mean, chasing babies and toddlers who wander too close.

So in comes Sally. Sally2Her job is to chase the geese and make them want to go somewhere else. She runs after them on the lawn, or she will swim in the water to chase them away.

But she only chases geese. She leaves the cute duckies and coots and other water fowl alone.

She is very good at what she does.

Making the world a safer place for pups and gentle humans.

iPhone 023Maybe I can be a working dog, too. I am very good at helping in the yard, clearing away fallen trees and branches. I could do this! Yes, I could.

Does anyone need any trees removed?



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