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Catching up on 2016

Hello, gentle humans.  Remember me?  It is I, Bailey.  You haven’t heard much from me this past year.  In fact, you haven’t heard from me at all! I’ve been rather 033quiet, I’m afraid. So I thought that I’d  get back into the picture again, so to speak.  I thought that I’d present a summary of what has happened in this past year that you humans call 2016.

(Of course, it’s been seven years for us dogs, but we will ignore that little fact for right now.)

So let’s see …where to start? We could start by going for a hike. I did that a lot during the year!

Usually I went for hikes up into the hills with dad, but sometimes mom would come along as well.  I love going for these walks. I love getting out and exploring january-2016-346new places. I love sniffing around and finding new scents. I love wagging my tail and meeting new friends, both pups and humans.

Most humans love to see me as well. I get lots of smiles, compliments, and even pats on the head. Of course I am always on my best behavior for these humans. Not as much, however, for some of the pups that I see. Most of them watch me warily, and sometimes we sniff noses or tails and go around in circles. But some of the other pups might growl at me. I just ignore them. I don’t get it … why can’t they just chill and enjoy the company of other dogs … like me?


For Father’s Day I went with dad to a portrait studio and we had the nice lady take a picture of us. I look very well behaved in this picture, don’t I? It looks like I am a very quiet and docile pup.

But don’t let looks deceive you. What you can’t see is that dad is holding my collar so I won’t run off.  There were lots of things in that studio to explore and play with, like toys and balls and, well, lots of rooms to explore. And that is exactly what I did, as soon as this picture was taken. I was back to my usual exuberant, bouncy self. And dad was chasing me all over the place! He needed the exercise!

I wasn’t my bouncy self later in the year, however. I had a sore spot on my hip and mom and dad took me to see the vet. christmas-16-014She gave me some medicine and put me into the cone of shame. I wore this thing for a month before they let me take it off. It is hard to walk, or eat, or sleep, or have any fun at all when wearing that cone. You humans have no idea … you should try it sometime. See if YOU like it!

You might have gathered from my previous writing that I am a very friendly dog, liked by all. christmas-16-161Humans like me, dogs like me (most of them, anyway), and even purry things like me.  (That is, all except the white one who lives inside the house with me.) However, I was totally unprepared for this face-to-face meeting with a young calf. We see cows on lots of our hikes. Usually the calves would run off to mommy when I approached on the path, but this one walked right up to me and sniffed my nose. I sniffed back.  I was very surprised. What does one say to a bovine creature? Woof?  Moo?

How about “Moof?”

This year I also played a lot in our yard. Here I am, carrying this round easter-2016-005orange thing. I was a little miffed at mom, however. I wanted to just lie down and chew it, but she kept taking it away from me and throwing it. I had to keep fetching it.  It was a lot of work.

The important thing here is the writing on the orange thing. That is the company where dad used to work. He must have gotten tired there. More than once, I would guess. If you get tired a second time it is called retired, right? Anyway, that is was dad is. And I think that this retired business means more hikes for me. He will get tired on those walks, too, I bet. But I won’t let him get retired from the hikes.

 A friend of mom’s and dad’s from college came out to visit from Colorado. Her christmas-16-017name is Carolyn and she has two golden retrievers, Oscar and Breck. We all went to a place called Carmel. That is a very dog-friendly town.  A lot of the of the stores even have christmas-16-023water bowls outside their doors from which we pups can drink. And get this: many restaurants let us dogs dine at the same table as our humans! It is a great place to be a dog!

There is also a beach where dogs are allowed to run and play in the ocean. I am looking forward to going back to Carmel, hopefully with Oscar and Breck, to play some more. You can come too! Just let me know, and bring your leash!

christmas-16-148For Christmas I got a new doggie bed and the usual treats. I didn’t get any new stuffed toys to chew on, however. Mom said that I had enough chew toys; dad said that he was tripping on monkeys and dragons and rabbits all over the house. I was a little disappointed.

So I ate my treats and laid down on the new bed, dejected. I like new toys. I need new toys. I want new toys.

Maybe if I keep giving mom and dad these sad puppy-dog eyes they will give in and buy me a new toy? Maybe a dinosaur, or even a troll?! That would be fun!

christmas-16-156Well, I guess that does it for today’s post. As I said before, I know that I have been a terrible blogger this past year. In fact, maybe the name of this blog should be changed. After all, The Daily Bailey just isn’t accurate anymore.  Maybe I should call it The Periodic Bailey? No, that hasn’t been true, either. I could rename it The Irregular Bailey? Or perhaps even The Once-in-a-While Bailey? Well, regardless of what I call it, I will try to post more often this next year. After all, 2017 promises to be very exciting, right? I’m sure that there will be much for a clever pup like me to write about. Probably a full seven dog-years worth!

So, with a hearty “Arf! Arf!” I will all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Look for more of me in the coming weeks. Days, even!