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What Was All Over the Place? Part 2

Last time we talked, gentle humans, I told you about something that was all over the place during our hike. pokemonI still don’t know what that mom was talking about, and none of you readers have given me any hints. I’m a little disappointed that you couldn’t help me out. I guess I will just have to keep wondering.

I wonder if she could have been referring to all the puddles of water that were all over the place. 1-13-6As you may know, we just had a week of torrential precipitation where is was raining puppies and purry-things (well, not literally, you understand). Many streets and pastures were flooded, as our trail. Although the weather was sunny and dry on the day we hiked, the water had not all gone away. There were many spots where we had to go around or wade through pools (or small lakes) to continue on our hike.

There was so much water, in fact, that I was wondering if I was actually on the Oregon Trail.

How many of you recognize the source of my comment? oregon-fordWell, there was this old video game that mom & dad’s daughters loved to play, where they would have to ford rivers and shoot bunnies just to get to this place called Oregon. It was a very early game on their first Apple computer, and they had lots of fun with it. But I wonder how much fun you can have playing a game where you can get dysentery. oregon-trailThat doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Anyway, there were lots of these puddles for us to ford. Maybe that is what was “all around the place”? paw-printsOr perhaps it was paw prints, because every time we walked through the water I would leave behind prints. maybe THIS is what was all over? I don’t know.

It could have been paw prints, or it could have been puddles, or (like I suggested last time) it could have been squirrels. But something was all over the place.

1-13-4I guess I’ll never know. Time to move on. Not to worry about it, anyway. Probably wasn’t important. Certainly not as important as my next meal. Or napping on my comfy bed. Or playing with my humans.

Today is supposed to be another sunny day. A little chilly, perhaps, but I’m okay with that … I’ve got my warm coat. Maybe dad will bundle up and take me for another walk today.

What do you think? Will he?


What Was All Over the Place? Part 1


Good morning, gentle humans. Yesterday was a wonderful day. The rain had stopped, it was clear and sunny outside, and dad and I went for a walk. It was great to get back outside!

1-13-2Here you can see me as we walked towards one of the rest areas along the hike. There is a real nice bench on which to sit, and overhang to provide some shade, and a garbage can for …

Well, dad immediately went to the garbage can and put in a little plastic bag. I don’t know why he was carrying that bag around with him. In fact, I don’t know where he got it … I don’t remember a little plastic bag full of something when we got out of the car …

Oh well. After he put in the little bag we sat down to rest. 1-13-3I didn’t really need to stop, and I don’t think dad was exhausted either. But we figured that since someone had put this bench there then we would use it.

While we were sitting there a bunch of little humans came along the path, all looking at their cell phone. They were engrossed in that phone and I had no idea what was so interesting. But dad knew, I think. He asked the mom who was with them, “Any luck?”

And she replied, “Oh yes, they’re all over the place!”

Dad laughed, but I didn’t get it. What was all over the place? Squirrels? Rocks? It made no sense to me.

pokemonWe continued on our walk and I was still wondering, What was all over the place? I didn’t see anything except green grass and blue sky.

I don’t know. Maybe dad will explain it to me some day.

Or maybe YOU will! Do you know what was all over the place?  Will you tell me?

Wanted: One Ark, in Good Condition


Hello, gentle humans. Many of you have texted or emailed me asking how I am doing with all the rain and floods that we have been experiencing this week.

flood5I can tell you this … it has been WET!

Very wet. Dad and I went out – with his umbrella, I might add – to see how bad it really was. Let me tell you … it was WET!

The nice weather lady had predicted several inches of rain for our area. We haven’t see this much precipitation in years, especially in the 35 dog-years that I have lived here. Also, since we have been in a drought for a very long time I kind of doubted that we would see that much rain fall down.

Well, we did. It rained, and it rained, and it RAINED! flood1Just look at this photo of our side pasture, with our neighbors’ house on the right. Yes, that is water going right up to their house. Soon after we took this photo they were outside putting bags of sand next to the house to keep the water out. Luckily our house is to left of the photo where the ground is higher. If the water got THAT high then we are really in a pickle!

Here is anotherflood2 picture of the pasture where mom’s horses spend most of their days. But not on this day! The horses stayed inside their barn, where it was warm and dry.

That’s what I wanted to be … warm and dry. So I pulled the leash and persuaded dad to come back inside. Back where I could flood4get out of the rain. I quickly found a comfy spot where I could lie down and relax. A spot that was very warm and dry indeed.

The rain was fascinating to watch and it was exciting to see the water getting higher and higher in the pasture. But it was even better to get inside where this clever, warm, and dry puppy belonged!

Let it rain.


Football is Over

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 024Well, it’s finally here. Tonight is the last game of the college football season. The winner gets all the dog bones. This is the game to determine who is the Top Dog. Barking rights for the next few months.

It took a long time in getting here. With this new system of playoff games the season seems to go on forever, instead of wrapping up neatly on January 1 like it used to.

Oh well, I guess it’s for the better. People always want to know who is Number One and this system determines that.

uwUnfortunately the team that I was favoring didn’t make it past the semi-finals. They were like me, a real team of dawgs … Huskies to be precise. I figured that I had to get on the bandwagon for the Dog’s Team. I was barking for them to go all the way.

But they didn’t win that game. (Insert sad puppy-face here.)

So instead I’m faced with the option of either rooting for an oceanic event or very big purry-things. It is a hard choice because neither resemble puppies at all.

clemsonExcept … wait a minute. One side is favored to win, and that makes the other team: The Underdog! Arf! I will root for the underdog. And which team is that? Oh no, it is the purry- things. Oh well, then that is the team for whom I will bark. It would have been better if it had been Huskies instead of big, striped purries, but I will take what I can get.

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 026Besides, it will soon be over and time to turn our attention to other things. It’ll be time to watch the days get longer, and warmer, and to go on nice, long hikes.

Besides, it’ll be time to get a new football!

World Connoisseur

Greetings, gentle humans! Once again it is I, Bailey, this time writing to you on a very cold and wet Saturday. It is not a good day to go outside for a walk, or a run. In fact, it is not a good day to go outside at all.

iphone-may-16-085I’ll just stay inside, curl up on dad’s lap, and eat snacks.

A few days ago one of you left a comment on my blog about eating treats. You said that you hoped I didn’t eat any treats made in some place called China because you wanted me to be healthy.

snacksWell, I can report that I do eat snacks that are made safe for us dogs.  For example, I got this package as a special gift on Christmas from Suzy. Now, Suzy happens to be one of those purry-things, but she is a very nice purry-thing who does not scratch or hiss at people. Usually she just hides. But anyway, she lives with a very special human named Nikki (I always love it when Nikki comes to visit) and usaSuzy sent these treats for me. If you look closely at the package you will see that they are made in some place called the USA. They are supposed to be better for me. (Dad told me that USA stands for “Unix System Administrator”. I don’t know if I believe him.)

These snacks were tasty, VERY tasty! There are only a few left in the package! I will have to write Suzy a thank you letter.

Of course, all my food doesn’t have to come from the USA. I eat food from all over the world. For example, I just love cheese, and that comes from France. I also love German sausage, and Belgian waffles, and English muffins, and Italian pizza, and … well, I like just about anything – anything at all – that I can get from mom or dad’s plate.

Rest Interrupted

Hello again, gentle humans. One of the things that I like to do is lie down and relax while dad is running his trains. At Christmastime it is especially nice because the trains circle the Christmas tree and it seems even more festive.

So there I was, one day a little after Christmas, resting by the tree when I was disturbed by a little finger touching my nose. ham1I tried to ignore it, but it didn’t go away. I guess that the finger, which was attached to the littlest and not-so-gentle-at-times human, was trying to get a reaction from me. I pretended that it wasn’t there. Certainly that would work, wouldn’t it?

Besides, it smelled funny. Who knows what that hand had picked up? Yuck …

But the finger didn’t go away. ham3In fact, it invited the other four on that hand to join it in rubbing my neck. Okay, I must admit that it felt good. After all, I am a pup – a sensitive pup at that – and the attention was welcomed, as long as it remained nice and calm.

But the train was getting close and I thought that would distract this little human and I could go back to my nap. At least that is what I hoped for.

It worked … sort of. ham2As the train chugged by the hand went away, but now he was turning himself upside-down to see the world (or at least the room) the way that I viewed it. I wouldn’t give in … I would keep ignoring him.

Eventually it worked, and he went back to playing with the train while I went back to sleeping. Sometimes it is hard being a dog.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Halfway Down the Stairs

Hello, gentle humans. I hope that you are enjoying your 2017, or at least what few days there have been of this year so far. A new year brings new hopes, new expectations, new opportunities, … and new carpeting.

As you can see from this photo mom and dad got new carpets installed in the living room and the stairs just before the new year started. The old one had been scratched up by many of their previous purry-things (they can’t seem to img_7940understand what a scratching post is for) and so a few holes had been clawed into these stairs. Mom and dad are hoping the the current white purry-thing behaves himself.

I have my doubts.

But I like sleeping on the landing halfway down the stairs. It’s a comfy place, and reminds me of a song that dad really likes. It was performed by Robin the Frog of the Muppets. You can watch the video here:

And last night, as I lay on my place on the landing, I thought of new words for this song:


Have a great rest-of-the-day, gentle humans. I will enjoy the rest of the day resting … on my spot on the stairs.

Partied Too Hard

017Oooo, my head hurts. Someone turn off that light … it’s too bright! Oh, it’s the Sun? Why is it rising so early today?

What do you mean, it’s sunrise all ready? Where did the night go? Oh yeah, now I remember … last night was New Year’s Eve. Mom and dad went out to celebrate, or something, and left me home. So I had my own little party.

Just me and my stuffed monkey.

Hello, and good morning, gentle humans. It is I, a very tired and hung-over Bailey. I guess I partied too hard last night … I can’t even remember much about it at all. I do recall that around midnight there was lots of loud noise and firecrackers outside. I was a little apprehensive and was very glad when mom and dad finally got home. But other than that … the evening was a blur.

I guess I had a good time … just can’t remember it.

Oh well … it’s NEW YEAR’S DAY! Time to get going, turn on the television, and watch the Tournament of Roses Parade and all the college bowl gam … huh? What do you mean, there’s no parade today? Why are there no bowl games? They are ALWAYS on January 1! You mean that – because today is a Sunday – all those are put off a day? I have to wait until tomorrow, Monday, January 2?

In that case I’m going back to sleep. 018

Wake me when it’s tomorrow.

Wake me when it’s time to sit all day in front of the television with a bowl of water and a dish of doggie treats and root for the underdog! Always root for the underdog!