Partied Too Hard

017Oooo, my head hurts. Someone turn off that light … it’s too bright! Oh, it’s the Sun? Why is it rising so early today?

What do you mean, it’s sunrise all ready? Where did the night go? Oh yeah, now I remember … last night was New Year’s Eve. Mom and dad went out to celebrate, or something, and left me home. So I had my own little party.

Just me and my stuffed monkey.

Hello, and good morning, gentle humans. It is I, a very tired and hung-over Bailey. I guess I partied too hard last night … I can’t even remember much about it at all. I do recall that around midnight there was lots of loud noise and firecrackers outside. I was a little apprehensive and was very glad when mom and dad finally got home. But other than that … the evening was a blur.

I guess I had a good time … just can’t remember it.

Oh well … it’s NEW YEAR’S DAY! Time to get going, turn on the television, and watch the Tournament of Roses Parade and all the college bowl gam … huh? What do you mean, there’s no parade today? Why are there no bowl games? They are ALWAYS on January 1! You mean that – because today is a Sunday – all those are put off a day? I have to wait until tomorrow, Monday, January 2?

In that case I’m going back to sleep. 018

Wake me when it’s tomorrow.

Wake me when it’s time to sit all day in front of the television with a bowl of water and a dish of doggie treats and root for the underdog! Always root for the underdog!



2 responses to “Partied Too Hard

  1. Those stuffed monkeys get you into trouble every time!

  2. I never knew this side of you Bailey. I guess it doesn’t hurt too much for you to cut loose once a year! Happy New Year, Bailey, enjoy the parade and games….tomorrow!!!

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