Halfway Down the Stairs

Hello, gentle humans. I hope that you are enjoying your 2017, or at least what few days there have been of this year so far. A new year brings new hopes, new expectations, new opportunities, … and new carpeting.

As you can see from this photo mom and dad got new carpets installed in the living room and the stairs just before the new year started. The old one had been scratched up by many of their previous purry-things (they can’t seem to img_7940understand what a scratching post is for) and so a few holes had been clawed into these stairs. Mom and dad are hoping the the current white purry-thing behaves himself.

I have my doubts.

But I like sleeping on the landing halfway down the stairs. It’s a comfy place, and reminds me of a song that dad really likes. It was performed by Robin the Frog of the Muppets. You can watch the video here:


And last night, as I lay on my place on the landing, I thought of new words for this song:


Have a great rest-of-the-day, gentle humans. I will enjoy the rest of the day resting … on my spot on the stairs.


3 responses to “Halfway Down the Stairs

  1. Halfway also allows for monitoring of both upstairs and downstairs movement. Bailey is a very clever pup.

  2. Love md the song. Piper and Claudine

  3. “Halfway down the stairs is a place where I sit. There isn’t any other place quite like it” Yes- Robin the Frog from the first Muppet album 😀

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