World Connoisseur

Greetings, gentle humans! Once again it is I, Bailey, this time writing to you on a very cold and wet Saturday. It is not a good day to go outside for a walk, or a run. In fact, it is not a good day to go outside at all.

iphone-may-16-085I’ll just stay inside, curl up on dad’s lap, and eat snacks.

A few days ago one of you left a comment on my blog about eating treats. You said that you hoped I didn’t eat any treats made in some place called China because you wanted me to be healthy.

snacksWell, I can report that I do eat snacks that are made safe for us dogs.  For example, I got this package as a special gift on Christmas from Suzy. Now, Suzy happens to be one of those purry-things, but she is a very nice purry-thing who does not scratch or hiss at people. Usually she just hides. But anyway, she lives with a very special human named Nikki (I always love it when Nikki comes to visit) and usaSuzy sent these treats for me. If you look closely at the package you will see that they are made in some place called the USA. They are supposed to be better for me. (Dad told me that USA stands for “Unix System Administrator”. I don’t know if I believe him.)

These snacks were tasty, VERY tasty! There are only a few left in the package! I will have to write Suzy a thank you letter.

Of course, all my food doesn’t have to come from the USA. I eat food from all over the world. For example, I just love cheese, and that comes from France. I also love German sausage, and Belgian waffles, and English muffins, and Italian pizza, and … well, I like just about anything – anything at all – that I can get from mom or dad’s plate.


2 responses to “World Connoisseur

  1. Bailey…have your Dad grab the umbrella…it’s never too wet for Goldens…XO Maddie

    • “Bark! Bark! Dad said that it might not be too wet for Goldens, but that he is NOT a Golden. I would agree with him. He is not a Golden … he is a WIMP. Arf!!”

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