Wanted: One Ark, in Good Condition


Hello, gentle humans. Many of you have texted or emailed me asking how I am doing with all the rain and floods that we have been experiencing this week.

flood5I can tell you this … it has been WET!

Very wet. Dad and I went out – with his umbrella, I might add – to see how bad it really was. Let me tell you … it was WET!

The nice weather lady had predicted several inches of rain for our area. We haven’t see this much precipitation in years, especially in the 35 dog-years that I have lived here. Also, since we have been in a drought for a very long time I kind of doubted that we would see that much rain fall down.

Well, we did. It rained, and it rained, and it RAINED! flood1Just look at this photo of our side pasture, with our neighbors’ house on the right. Yes, that is water going right up to their house. Soon after we took this photo they were outside putting bags of sand next to the house to keep the water out. Luckily our house is to left of the photo where the ground is higher. If the water got THAT high then we are really in a pickle!

Here is anotherflood2 picture of the pasture where mom’s horses spend most of their days. But not on this day! The horses stayed inside their barn, where it was warm and dry.

That’s what I wanted to be … warm and dry. So I pulled the leash and persuaded dad to come back inside. Back where I could flood4get out of the rain. I quickly found a comfy spot where I could lie down and relax. A spot that was very warm and dry indeed.

The rain was fascinating to watch and it was exciting to see the water getting higher and higher in the pasture. But it was even better to get inside where this clever, warm, and dry puppy belonged!

Let it rain.



5 responses to “Wanted: One Ark, in Good Condition

  1. Hope you get to enjoy the outdoors again soon!

  2. Don’t have an Ark.
    How about an Auk?
    They can swim.
    So you just grab your trusty Auk and hang on!

  3. Keep everyone dry, Bailey!

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