What Was All Over the Place? Part 1


Good morning, gentle humans. Yesterday was a wonderful day. The rain had stopped, it was clear and sunny outside, and dad and I went for a walk. It was great to get back outside!

1-13-2Here you can see me as we walked towards one of the rest areas along the hike. There is a real nice bench on which to sit, and overhang to provide some shade, and a garbage can for …

Well, dad immediately went to the garbage can and put in a little plastic bag. I don’t know why he was carrying that bag around with him. In fact, I don’t know where he got it … I don’t remember a little plastic bag full of something when we got out of the car …

Oh well. After he put in the little bag we sat down to rest. 1-13-3I didn’t really need to stop, and I don’t think dad was exhausted either. But we figured that since someone had put this bench there then we would use it.

While we were sitting there a bunch of little humans came along the path, all looking at their cell phone. They were engrossed in that phone and I had no idea what was so interesting. But dad knew, I think. He asked the mom who was with them, “Any luck?”

And she replied, “Oh yes, they’re all over the place!”

Dad laughed, but I didn’t get it. What was all over the place? Squirrels? Rocks? It made no sense to me.

pokemonWe continued on our walk and I was still wondering, What was all over the place? I didn’t see anything except green grass and blue sky.

I don’t know. Maybe dad will explain it to me some day.

Or maybe YOU will! Do you know what was all over the place?  Will you tell me?


2 responses to “What Was All Over the Place? Part 1

  1. Green grass and blue sky is all you need Bailey…🤗

  2. I get so much pleasure from reading Bailey’s account of life 🙂 Thanks for sharing and give him a hug for me 🙂

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