What Was All Over the Place? Part 2

Last time we talked, gentle humans, I told you about something that was all over the place during our hike. pokemonI still don’t know what that mom was talking about, and none of you readers have given me any hints. I’m a little disappointed that you couldn’t help me out. I guess I will just have to keep wondering.

I wonder if she could have been referring to all the puddles of water that were all over the place. 1-13-6As you may know, we just had a week of torrential precipitation where is was raining puppies and purry-things (well, not literally, you understand). Many streets and pastures were flooded, as our trail. Although the weather was sunny and dry on the day we hiked, the water had not all gone away. There were many spots where we had to go around or wade through pools (or small lakes) to continue on our hike.

There was so much water, in fact, that I was wondering if I was actually on the Oregon Trail.

How many of you recognize the source of my comment? oregon-fordWell, there was this old video game that mom & dad’s daughters loved to play, where they would have to ford rivers and shoot bunnies just to get to this place called Oregon. It was a very early game on their first Apple computer, and they had lots of fun with it. But I wonder how much fun you can have playing a game where you can get dysentery. oregon-trailThat doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Anyway, there were lots of these puddles for us to ford. Maybe that is what was “all around the place”? paw-printsOr perhaps it was paw prints, because every time we walked through the water I would leave behind prints. maybe THIS is what was all over? I don’t know.

It could have been paw prints, or it could have been puddles, or (like I suggested last time) it could have been squirrels. But something was all over the place.

1-13-4I guess I’ll never know. Time to move on. Not to worry about it, anyway. Probably wasn’t important. Certainly not as important as my next meal. Or napping on my comfy bed. Or playing with my humans.

Today is supposed to be another sunny day. A little chilly, perhaps, but I’m okay with that … I’ve got my warm coat. Maybe dad will bundle up and take me for another walk today.

What do you think? Will he?


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