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A Special Day Indeed!

Hello, gentle humans! Do you know what day today is? Yes, you’re right, it is February 23. And yes, it is also the birthday of some very special people.

But most importantly, today is NATIONAL DOG BISCUIT DAY!


I wonder who was the clever gentle human who thought of designating a day just for the joy and celebration of the dog biscuit? db1It is the most wonderful thing in the world.  They are tasty and crunchy and fabulous.  I look forward to my daily dog biscuit every morning. It is the highlight of my day. (Well, one of my highlights.)

Anyway, will take my dog biscuit and run outside with it. Sometimes I will leave it in a conspicuous place for later enjoyment while I go off to take care of other business, and sometimes I will eat it right away. In either case, it is a delicious culinary experience.

And once I am finished, I run up to mom or dad and ask for a second one.

db2Yessiree dog, these biscuits are wonderful treats and very worthy of a special day in their honor. So, on this grand, sunny day, I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to you – if it is your birthday – and a very HAPPY DOG BISCUIT DAY to me!

Before I run off to enjoy my biscuit, I have one last question for you. How many of you gentle humans have ever eaten one of these delicious morsels? Huh?

My dad has!!


Did Somebody Lose Neverland?

A few days ago my mom and dad went to find Neverland. neverland2Well, they actually went to see what you gentle humans call a “musical” entitled Finding Neverland. I guess that – judging by the title – Neverland is something that was lost and the story is about the search for this Neverland, whatever it is.

I don’t know if they ever found it, but mom and dad came back that night and said that it was a really good show and that they were glad that they went.

But whether or not they found it is not the issue here. neverlandWhat is important is that there was a dog in the cast!

Yes, a real live dog on stage. The name of the dog in the show is “Porthos” and the dog portraying him was named Sammy. He ran and sat and jumped on people as directed. I can do all that, too!

neverland4I hear that Sammy did a wonderful job. In fact, one of dad’s Facebook friends said so online. She called his performance “amazing”. Of course it was! He is a dog; what more would you expect? All dogs are amazing.

There is one very interesting note about this show. As I said earlier, I can do all the same things that Sammy did on stage. And even Sammy needs a rest once in a while, so he has an understudy.  Here is the listing of all the understudies in the show. What do you see?neverland3